Naval Warfare Movies

Thunder Afloat

Director: George B. Seitz
Starring: Leon Ames, Wallace Beery, Clem Bevans, Wade Boteler

Published: 1939
Country: USA
Length: 94 min.
Keywords: WWI, Feature

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Two tugboat captains join the Navy in World War I. They put aside their longstanding rivalry and unite to battle the U-boats. In one scene, one of the captains, who has been taken prisoner aboard a U-boat, alerts his comrade in a nearby ship by tapping Morse code on the inside of the U-boat's hull.


Made with the assistance of the US Navy, this film's release date was advanced at the request of the US Government due to the gathering war clouds. Offering a clearly pro-interventionist message, the movie begins with a narration describing the U-boat "raiders" which attacked the US coast in 1918.