Naval Warfare Movies

U-9: Weddigen, ein Heldenschicksal

Director: Heinz Paul
Starring: Carl de Vogt, Mathilde Sussin, Fritz Alberti, Fritz Solm, Gerd Briese

Published: 1926
Country: Germany
Length: 69 min.
Keywords: WWI, Feature

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This feature intertwines Kptlt. Otto Weddigen's World War I exploits - most famously the sinking of British cruisers HMS Aboukir, Hogue and Cressy - with the drama of a family torn apart by war. Weddigen's first great success in the early days of the war (sinking the three cruisers in quick succession almost within a single hour) is eventually overshadowed as Germany's most famous ace goes to the bottom when his boat is rammed by HMS Dreadnought. The family drama presents an English mother and German father whose sons decide to fight on opposite sides of the war.


Actual World War I footage was incorporated in this feature. This film provides a romantic view of Weddigen and his tragic last mission. The theme of Br├╝derkrieg (war between brothers) provides the backdrop for a tribute to heroism and patriotic duty. Also called U 9 Weddigen.