U-boat Patrols

Patrols by U-660

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1Oblt. Götz Baur25 Jul 1942  Kiel6 Sep 1942  Brest44 days20,513 P View
2Oblt. Götz Baur3 Oct 1942  Brest15 Oct 1942  La Spezia13 days P View
3Oblt. Götz Baur24 Oct 1942  La Spezia12 Nov 1942  Sunk20 days P View
77 days20,513

3 War patrols (P) located. 77 days at sea during patrols.
War patrols are shown with grey background.

Tons indicate tonnage of ships sunk or damaged during the patrol, if any. Warships are included.

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