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Dönitz, The Last Fuhrer

by Padfield, Peter
Portrait of a Nazi War Leader
ISBN 0060152648
523 pages, 30 b&w photos
This is a well-researched but very biased book. To quote Timothy Mulligan, it "provides much useful information but remains a prosecution brief."

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0Throughout the book, Admiral von Friedeburg is referred to as as "von Friedeberg".Not von Friedeberg, but von Friedeburg.
0Picture of "Karl Dönitz as watch officer of the ´ace´ Walter Forstmann´s U 35 in 1917".Dönitz did indeed serve as WO on Forstmann´s aboard U 39 stationed in Pola in the Mediterranean.
290"U 954, meanwhile, had refuelled from the tanker, U 119..."U 119 was in fact an XB minelayer, not a Milk Cow, and was only being used as a provisional tanker.
390"...SS General Schörner´s..."Generalfeldmarschall Ferdinand Schörner belonged to the Heer, not the SS.

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