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The Approaching StormChewning, Alpheus J.1Yes
The Arctic Convoys 1941-1945Woodman, Richard5
The Atlantic Turkey ShootCheatham, James T.1Yes
Axis Submarine Successes of Wo ...Rohwer, Jürgen89Yes
The Corvette NavyLamb, James B.1Yes
Dark Sky, Deep WaterFranks, Norman1Yes
Deutsche U-Boote 1906-1966Herzog, Bodo1
Dönitz and the Wolf PacksEdwards, Bernard2Yes
Dönitz, The Last FuhrerPadfield, Peter4Yes
Embleme, Wappen, Malings Deuts ...Högel, Georg1
Enigma U-BoatsShowell, Jak P. Mallmann1Yes
Fips - Legendary U-boat Comman ...Brooks, Geoffrey1Yes
First U-Boat FlotillaPaterson, Lawrence2Yes
The German Navy Handbook: 193 ...Showell, Jak P. Mallman1
German U-boat Commanders of Wo ...Busch, Rainer and Röll, ...30Yes
German U-Boat Crews 1914-45Williamson, Gordon5Yes
German U-Boat Losses During Wo ...Niestle, Axel2Yes
The Golden HorseshoeRobertson, Terence5Yes
Grey Wolf, Grey SeaGasaway, E. B.1Yes
HirschfeldBrooks, Geoffrey told by ...2Yes
Hitler's U-boat WarBlair, Clay9Yes
Hitler's U-boat War, Vol IIBlair, Clay16Yes
Knight's Cross Holders of the ...Kurowski, Franz2
MemoirsDönitz, Karl1
Nach KompaßMerten, Karl-Friedrich1
Nasses EichenlaubBrustat-Naval, Fritz1
Neither Sharks nor WolvesMulligan, Timothy P.2Yes
North Atlantic RunMilner, Marc4Yes
On The Triangle RunLamb, James B.1Yes
The Second World WarKeegan, John6
Silent HuntersSavas, Theodore P. (edit ...2Yes
Torpedo JunctionHickam, Homer1Yes
Twenty Million Tons under the ...Gallery, Daniel V., RAdm. ...2Yes
Type VII U-boatsStern, Robert C.4
U-Boat Ace: The Story of Wolfg ...Vause, Jordan1Yes
U-Boat AdventuresWiggins, Melanie1Yes
U-Boat Commanders and Crews 19 ...Showell, Jak P. Mallmann7Yes
U-Boat Emblems of World War IIHögel, Georg1
U-Boat Fact FileSharpe, Peter27Yes
U-Boat Operations of the Secon ...Wynn, Kenneth15Yes
U-Boat Operations of the Secon ...Wynn, Kenneth6
U-Boat WarKutta, Timothy J.14Yes
The U-Boat War in the Caribbe ...Kelshall, Gaylord T.M.1Yes
U-Boat WarfareShowell, Jak Mallmann1
U-BoatsMiller, David4Yes
U-Boats at WarShowell, Jak P. Mallmann2Yes
U-Boats at WarBusch, Harald1Yes
U-Boats DestroyedKemp, Paul143Yes
U-Boote gegen EnglandShowell, Jak P. Mallmann2
U-boote: 1939-1945Dalliès-Labourdette, Jea ...13Yes
Der U-Bootkrieg 1939-1945 (Ba ...Busch, Rainer and Röll, ...14
U.S. Merchant Vessel War Casua ...Browning, Robert M.2
U.S. Submarine Attacks During ...Alden, John D.3
Vom Original zum Modell, Uboot ...Köhl, Fritz and Niestle, ...1
War under the Red EnsignHay, Doddy1
Waves of HateBridgland, Tony2
WolfpackJordan, David4
WolfpackKaplan, Philip and Currie ...2Yes
World War IIMcCombs, Don - Fred L. Wo ...71
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Please note that simply because we have no errata listing for a certain book does certainly not mean it's without fault. Also, a large reference book will have thousands of facts and some of them might be incorrect while a autobiography will have a much simpler dataset and thus fewer possible mistakes. As an example, Axis Submarine Successes has well over 90,000 factual entries where a simple mistake could have been made - so it's a hugely complicated and delicate book.

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Also, we not only check if the fact in question is correct, we also make sure it's indeed in the book as claimed (we might not have all the books in our hands and then we hold the errata for the title until we check the book). We do not want to report something faulty where there is no such thing.

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