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Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two

by Rohwer, Jürgen
German, Italian and Japanese Submarine Successes, 1939-1945
1998, United States Naval Inst.
ISBN 1557500290
Hardcover, 384 pages, 10 charts
Contains extremely useful and thoroughly researched data tables of what U-boat sank what ship, when, where, and how. The results were obtained by many years of post-war analysis of various document archives, which should assure the utmost accuracy. Definitely one of the best books about the topic. Author is as a history professor a leading authority on the subject of U-boats.

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Errata list

Please note: This listing may, or may not be complete.
We normally do not flip through a certain book cover to cover looking for mistakes.

1U-52 missed an unidentified tanker: The position is given as "BE 50-T" (row 5)It should say "BE 5218" (the "-T" belongs to row 6 indicating an attack on a tanker)
3U-4 sank Gertrud Bratt: Grid position given as A0 4146It should should be AO 4146 (the letter O instead of the number zero)
3Seen in comment 4: the ship name Sollas.It should be "Solaas" as seen elsewhere on the same page.
4Column 7 says the sinking of the SS Vistula was by "TA" torpedo and gunfire.Should read A, gunfire only.
9U-21 sank the Bayonet, in row 11 the type of ship is given as "PN".This must have been "PM" (indicating a fleet minesweeper) since there is no PN code in the book. But this ship was indeed a netlayer, not a sweeper.
10U-44 sank the Ekatontarchos Dracoulis: In row 14 the word "Dracoulis" appears.The word "Dracoulis" belongs to row 12 as the second part of the ship's name.
12When U-44 sank Flora: The commander name is given as "Matthes" (row 4).His name was written as "Mathes"
13Comment 1 mentions U-44.This should of course be U-41 as the comment refers to sinkings made by that boat.
19U-46 sank Barbara Marie and Willowbank. Position info is strange in row 14.It should be "44°16N/13°54W" for both vessels.
22U-34 sank HMS Whirlwind, in row 13 her fate states "1100$" (total loss).This should say "1100+" (sunk) (the destroyer was scuttled by HMS Westcott)
34U-47 sank Wandby, info in row 13 says "4947$" (total loss). Should be "4947+" (compare with comment 3 on same page: Wandby sank on 21 Oct, 1940)
35U-32 sank Empress of Britain, on row 13: "42348="This should say "42348+" (The ship was damaged by a Fw 200 aircraft and then sunk by U-32)
35U-99 sank HMS Patroclus and HMS Laurentic.The "T"'s in row 8 (convoy name) belong to row 7 (weapon used).
35U-137 is reported to have sunk the vessels Kohinur, Havbör and Fabian. This sinkings belong to U-65 (Stockhausen). German naval grid PQ ET is near Freetown and the small Type II boat U-137 had nowhere near the range to patrol there. The only boat operating there at this time was U-65.
40U-65 sank Charles Pratt: The tonnage in row 13 is the same as Carlton's above.She was 8982 tons.
41Italian submarine Torelli sank the merchants Brask and Nemea, in row 8: (convoy) says "Unknown".These ships were from the dispersed convoy OB 272 (they decided to stay together). The Brask was attacked after Nemea. (In the book Brask is on first place).
42U-37 (Clausen) sank SS Brandenburg at CG9645 and reported another sinking at the same position. Instead of CG9645, the true position was CF9645 (36º10N 16º38W). The other position would place the attack in the Mediterranean, but this boat was never there.
44Comment 3: "Waynegard"
comment 7: "Holmlea"
Their names should be "Waynegate" and "Holmelea" as shown in row 12 on same page.
45U A damaged Dunaff Head. U A sank this ship (as shown in the Index of ships attacked and according to Ulster SS Co).
50U-103 sank Wray Castle. In row 14 her position is given as "13°55E".This location should be "13°55W" as grid PQ ET is near Freetown. She sank a ship 2 days earlier at 16.17°W.
53U-107 sank Colonial (27.05.), in convoy information (column 8) there is nothing listed.The Colonial was the ship of the convoy commodore from OB.318 (dispersed on 10.05.) This should thus say "OB.318 d" (like the Berhala on the same page).
57Merchant Schie sunk by U-203.The Schie not part of OB-336, so it is not possible that U-203 had sunk this ship. As you can read in comment 4, U-75 had sunk an unescorted steamer, this was probably the Schie, which sank with all hands.
62U-201 sank Ciscar, in row 5 her grid is marked as "CG".This should be "BE" like the other entrys for the convoy OG-71 on this date.
64U-85 sank Jedmoor. In row 14 the position of her loss is given as "6°N/40°W"The correct position is 61°N/40°W (similar location to the other losses from convoy SC-42).
65U-94 sank Pegasus. In row 13 her fate is marked "$" (total loss).According to comment 6 on same page the ship sank instead of being a total loss.
80U-128 sank Cities Service Empire, in row 4 (U-boat commander name) the word "Empire" appears.The word "Empire" belongs to row 12 as the last part of the name of the ship being sunk.
87Italian submarine Morosini sank the Peder Bogen. The exact same entry is shown two times.
89U-85 sank Chr. Knudsen. The "T" in row 6 should be shown in row 7 instead.
90U-571 sank the merchant ship Margaret, in row 4 the U-boat commander is listed as "Mühlmann".It should be "Möhlmann".
90In comment 1 there is a mention of the merchant "Dalvalle".Its name was actually "Delvalle" as shown in its attack entry.
91U-567 sank Pipestone County, the U-boat commander is listed as Heinicke.This is a simple typo, Heinicke's boat was U-576. (U-567, Endrass' boat was sunk months before).
97U-593 missed its target, reader is guided to read comment 3 for more information.Comment 4 belongs to this entry.
97In comment 2 we read about the ship "Sun Eliseo".This should be the "San Eliseo" as shown in the second entry of the page.
97U-455 missed a target fired upon, in row 4 its commander is listed as "Giáler".His last name was Giessler.
100In comment 3 we read about another unsuccessful attack on this same ship (Berganger) by U-213 on 2 June, 1943.The date should be 2 June, 1942 (why this attack, using 5 torpedoes, is missing from the main entry we don't know). This boat was sunk in July 1942.
105U-67 sank the Nortind. This ship was only damaged by U-67. U-358 sank the repaired ship on 26 Jan, 1943 (as seen on page 147).
106U-153 sank the merchant ship "Potlach".The name of the ship was "Potlatch" (as shown in comment 3).
114U-379 sank the merchant ship Anneberg, in row 13 her fate is shown as "$" (total loss).The Anneberg was sunk (as shown in comment 3).
118U-507 sank the Hammaren: position 13°N/38°15WThe position should be 13°S/38°15W as grid FJ 8724 is south of the equator.
119Comment 5: while talking about the loss of U-705 the date 01 Sept, 1942 is wrong.The U-boat U-705 was sunk on 3 Sept, 1942.
119U-165 sank Arlyn, U-517 sank LaramieThe Laramie (damaged by U-165 earlier) was not sunk by U-517, the ship sunk by U-517 was the Arlyn (only damaged by U-165). The Laramie later reached port.
122U-211 damaged Hektoria and Empire Moonbeam, in row 4 the U-boat commander is listed as "Hauser".His name was Hause (no r).
127U-202 missed John Carter Rose, in row 13 there is no info on tonnage or damage.This should be "7191=" according to comment 4: U-202 actually hit the ship with two torpeodoes.
134U-129 sank the merchant Meton in row 5 the grid position is given as "EC 8296".This should be "EC 9296" like the other entries for the boat at this time.
135The ship Roxby is listed as no convoy in column 8.Roxby was in fact a straggler from convoy ON-143.
138U-43 hit the merchant Brilliant, in row 13 its fate is listed as "$" (total loss).It should say "+" as according to comment 3 the ship sank under tow week later on 25 Jan, 1943).
142comment 5: thers is a mention of "U 358".The comment refers to the U-356
143U-225 damaged the merchant President Francqui in row 10 its registry is listed as "br" (British).This should be "be" for Belgian (like seen on the next page).
144Comment 2 contains information on a previous attack on the Ville de Rouen.Ville de Rouen had been damaged by U-225/Leimkühler at 2202hrs not by U-591/Zetzsche at 2152hrs (as shown in comment 3 on page 143).
146U-436 sank Albert L. Ellsworth in position "27°95N".This should be "27°59N" (95' is of course not possible.. there are only 60').
148U 402 sank LCT-2335as shown in comment 6, U 608 sank the Daghild with this LCT on board. I think this entry should be on page 149 and given to U 608 Struckmeier
148U 223 sank Dorchester in row 11: "AC"This should be AT = Army transport (shown in comment 2)
149Column 8 Henry Mallory and Kalliopi listed as convoy SC-118.They were both stragglers of convoy SC-118.
154U-221 sank Jamaica, in row 4 its commander name is given as "Troyer".The commander of U-221 was named Trojer.
154U-190 sank the merchant vessel Empire Lakeland, in row 9 (date) "1/".Should be "11/" the first 1 is misplaced in row 8.
158U-91 sank Nariva, in row 10 her registry is listed as "am" (American).This should be replaced by "br" (British) like the entry for U-600 when she damaged the Nariva.
159U 305 sank Zouave in row 8: "SC.122 s"Ahould be without s: this ship wasn't a straggler from this convoy. (shown in comment 2) or was she straggling with the Port Auckland?
161Comment 4: "U-704"Should be U-706.
164"CORABELLA" referred to Col 6 as "D" (Steamship) & Col 11 as "M" (Motor). Also at btm of 164 No reference to Item (2) displayed against 3 ships.Corabella was a steam merchant.
165U-628 sank the Harbury in row 13: "5080", in row 5: "AJ 6436"This should be "5081" as shown in an entry on the same page and the second should be "AJ 6543" as shown in comment 10
165Comment 10: "KTB U 623" and "14h51"Should be "KTB U 628" and "16h51" as shown in row 1 in the entry.
167U-154 sank John Worthington, its fate in row 13 says "8166+" (sunk)Should be "8166=" (damaged) as shown in comment 3 on same page.
169Comment 7: "U 603"The boat should be "U-306".
169U-572 (Emmermann) sank the Harmonic.Emmermann's boat that sank this merchant ship was U-172 not U 572.
177U-985 sank Margrit, in row 4 we see the name "Keáler".The commander of U-985 at this time was "Kessler".
177In comment 13 we read about the "U 271".This should be U-845 as the entry on the same page shows.
183U-309 damaged the merchant Samneva, in row 13 its fate is listed as "7219=" (damaged).Should be "7219$" (total loss) as seen in comment 6.
185Footnote 1 : The George Ade was damaged and sank in a hurricane during a towing operation. It's the footnote that is erronous, not the actual entry.The ship did not sink in the hurricane, however the towing line broke. After the hurricane the ship was towed to Hampton Roads, Virginia. She was later repaired and returned to service.
187comment 7: "nine vessels lost".There are listed ten vessels lost (it may be due to the Coastal Command Report being relying on old data). But this should be stated in the book for less confusion.
188comment 8: "LTUs".This should be "LUTs".
190KU 5330 sank the French destroyer La Combattante, in row 3 (U-boat) the name "Jahnke" appears.This belongs to row 4 as the boat had a two man crew: "Sparbrodt/Jahnke".
193KU 5? damaged the Puffin in row 13: "530=" (damaged)This should be "530$" (total loss) as mentioned in comment 4 the Puffin wasn't repaired.
194Comment 3: "KU 363"
comment 9: "KU 368"
Should be (3) "KU 5363"
and (9) "KU 5368"
195Comment 6: "U 875"This should be the U-857.
195U-245 second attack on unkown vessel, in row 1 (date) "6/" is written.This should be "26/" (for 26 April, 1945).
207comment 6 + 7: "U 711"This should be U-278 for both entries.
208U-354 hit the destroyer escort HMS Bickerton, in row 13 her fate is listed as "1300$" (total loss).The fate should be "1300+" (sunk) as mentioned in comment 3.
209comment 3: "U 356"
comment 7: "U 711"
3: should be U-365
7: should be U-771
210comment 8: "U 995"This should be the U-365.
210U 956 hit Tbilisi in row 12: "(ii)should be (II) stands for "second ship named Tbilisi"
211U-711 hit Horace Grey, in row 13 its fate is listed as "7200$" (total loss)Should be "7200+" (sunk) as mentioned in comment 7.
211U-995 attacked Idefjord, in row 10 its registry is listed as "no" (Norwegian).This should be "nw" (Norwegian) as shown on page 213.
211U-968 hit the merchant ship Thomas Scott, in row 13: "7176$" (total loss).This should be "7176+" as seen in comment 11.
214Vesihiisi sank Dietrich Hasseldieck in row 1: "(27.12)".Should be "(27.11.)" because this ship sank on 11.12.
220U-20 hit Vaijan Kutur'e, in row 13 its fate is listed as "7602$".This should be "7602+" as mentioned in comment 5.
222U-23 hit Ardeal in row 13 it is shown as damaged.In commment 8 it is confirmed that this vessel was sunk.
264Ocean Vintage (Steam Freighter) was sunk by I-72.Ocean Vintage (Steam freighter) was sunk by I-27 (Submarine Force and World War 2).
268U-181 sank the Sicilia. Column 1 shows the date as May 20 1943.Should be May 27 1943 as can be seen in column 9.
302Listing of commanding officers ...Heydemann, Ernst of U-268, mentioned on page 147, is missing from index.

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