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U-Boat Adventures

by Wiggins, Melanie
Firsthand Accounts from World War II
1999, United States Naval Inst.
ISBN 1557509506
Hardcover, 288 pages, 41 photos
Focuses on the lives of 21 U-boat men who served in World War II. Twenty of them tell their stories in their own words; the last (Oskar Kusch, commander of U-154, who was executed in 1944 for the crime of "defeatism" after being denounced by his first officer) is remembered by several of his comrades. Besides reminiscences of a few of the more famous figures in the U-boat war (Kretschmer, Wattenberg, Koitschka, Hans Georg Hess), the stories of many junior officers and crewmen are included here. Consistent with its title, this book collects what each veteran considered to be the highlights of his wartime experiences, many dramatic and all interesting. Of special note is Georg Högel's account of the sinking of the Fanad Head by U-30. Foreword by Jürgen Rohwer. Boats covered include U-67, U-162, U-30, U-110, U-35, U-23, U-99, U-128, U-26, U-845, U-180, U-505, U-222, U-536, U-682, U-735, U-154, U-616, U-995, U-597, U-718, U-997, U-963, U-903, U-1205, U-518, U-999, U-103, U-196, U-195.

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90States "In 1937 [...] Wien took training on U-2 and U-7, both constructed and used in World War I. The old boats [...] had two torpedo tubes in the bow and two in the stern."U-2 was a Type IIA commissioned on 25 July, 1935; U-7 was a Type IIB commissioned on 18 July, 1935. These types had 3 torpedo tubes in the bow and no stern tubes.

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