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On The Triangle Run

by Lamb, James B.
The Fighting Spirit of Canada's Navy
2000, Stoddart Publishing Co.
ISBN 0773732551
Hardcover, 240 pages
An absorbing book by an officer of the RCN who commanded corvettes in WWII. New York, Halifax and St. Johns and a predetermined point to the East define the Triangle and the author sets the scene, describing the build-up of men and ships, the effect on the inhabitants and the changes that took place as the country adjusted to playing an even greater part as the sea war off their shores intensified. Obviously, apart from the weather and politicians in the Navy and the Government, their main enemy was the U-boat, and this book emphasizes just how far-reaching the effects of this weapon were in just one theater. (U-234 was within 250 miles of Quebec City and this made the French-speaking population believe that it might be their war as well as the English's.) U-boats mentioned include U-213, U-158, U-536, U-553, U-517, U-165, U-106, U-69, and others. There is an unusual description of a sunken ship with negative buoyancy eerily brought to the surface by the disturbance from depth charges. Originally published 1986.

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141Explains that U-548 was a type IXc boat.She was of type IXC/40, a slightly different design.

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