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Der U-Bootkrieg 1939-1945 (Band 2)

by Busch, Rainer and Röll, Hans Joachim
(The U-boat war 1939-1945: U-boat construction at German shipyards from 1939 to 1945)
Der U-Bootbau auf deutschen Werften von 1939 bis 1945
1997, Mittler & Sohn Verlag
ISBN 3813205126
Hardcover, 545 pages, 36 b/w photos

Errata list

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99U-536 is said to have been a type VIIC boat.She was of course a type IXC/40 boat.
463Re U-231: The end date for her last patrol given as 13.10.44.This is a simple typo and should be 13.01.44.
466Re U-259: The arrival date for her first patrol is given as 05.10.43.This is a simple typo and should be 05.10.42.
471Re: U-302: Second column - first row. "aus 17.03.45 Narvik".This should be "aus 17.03.43 Narvik".
472Re U-311. Date of her loss given as 22.04.45.Should be one year earlier at 22.04.44.
478Second column, first listing of "ein" for U-364 shows date "26.11.1944".The year should be 1943.
479Re U-374: There is a small typo in the date of loss, 12.01.43.This should of course be 12.01.42.
480Re U-375: First column, 28th row: aus 27.06.42 Toulon.This should of course be 27.06.43.
480Re U-375: First column, 24th line: "aus 17.03.42 Salamis".The date should be 17.03.43.
491Re U-459: Arrival date for first patrol is set at 15.05.43.Should be 15.05.42.
496Re U-516: - 14.05.44 surrenders at Loch Eriboll.The date should be 14.05.45 of course.
504Re U-576: Last patrol said to have ended on 15.07.42Should be 15.07.43
506Re U-590: Last patrol said to have ended on 09.07.42Should be 09.07.43.
515Re U-650: 3rd patrol said to have ended on 16.06.43Should be 16.06.44, simple typo.

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