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U-Boat Operations of the Second World War - Vol 1

by Wynn, Kenneth
1998, United States Naval Inst.
ISBN 1557508607
368 pages, 9 maps, apps. bibliog. #1-8607/
Career Histories, U1-U510. This is the first of two volumes covering the operational histories of all the U-boats that saw action in World War II.

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4Under U-3, he says she sank a vessel off Hanstholm, Sweden.Hanstholm lies in Denmark.
26Under U-37: The Swedish MV Sveaborg is stated as sunk on 10 Feb, 1940. The correct date is 10 April, 1940.
26It says the tanker m/v Telena, hit by U 37, was later salvaged by the Portuguese and used by them as the m/v Gerona.Not so. It was attacked off Vigo and towed to this Spanish port by Spanish fishing boats. The casualties were buried at Vigo (then reinterred at the British cemetery of Lujua, Bilbao). The tanker was repaired at Bilbao and bought by Spain, becoming part of the Spanish oil holding CAMPSA as the Gerona. Gerona (or Girona in Catalan) is a Catalonian province and town.
27U-37 is stated to have sunk "... Petrusey (ice 91t)..."The vessel was P├ętursey.
37In U-49's 3rd patrol the boat is referred to as U-48.It should be U-49.
54For U-71, states that she returned 12.12.43 from her 11th patrol.The correct date should be 12 February 1943.
66It says U-87 returned to St. Nazaire from her 2. patrol.She had left from La Pallice and could therefore not return to St. Nazaire.
72U-93 is mentioned to be sunk by the British destroyer HMS Hesperus, under command of Cdr D.G. Macintyre.The destroyers name is correct, but was in command by Lt.Cdr Tait.
108It is stated that on U-132's fourth patrol she encountered convoy QC-15.The correct convoy name was QS-15 (Quebec-Sydney).
154Wynn says U-209 left Bergen for her 11th Patrol. She left from Narvik (where her 10th patrol ended).
234U-354 - There must be a mistake in either the return date from 13. patrol or the dates for 14. patrol.
237Sinking information for U-359U-359 was sunk 26 July, 1943, Carribean, East Of Jamaica, 18-06N, 75-00W, by VP-32 Sqdn. (Lt. R.W. Rawson)
289It says the U-437 returned from her 1. patrol to St. Nazaire on 18.05.42. The correct is 16.04.42 (The wrong return date is actually for her 2. patrol)
325It says U-506 sank the British SS Tabor.The SS Tabor was Norwegian.
328Under U-510's 5. patrol it says that U-510, on 22. April 1944 made 2 attacks on convoy.... The correct is February 1944.

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