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Type VII U-boats

by Stern, Robert C.
1997, United States Naval Inst.
ISBN 1557508283
Excellent coverage of the type VII boats, good pictures and authoritative text.

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55Footnote No. 8 mentions U-boats on which gold bars substituted their iron ballast. "One such was U 54, which was sunk in the Kattegat in the last days of the war." U-54 was certainly not sunk in the last days of the war--it was the well-known U-534 (IXC/40).
87In Diagram Figure 2: LuT -"Ladder" Course The lenght of back-and-forth leg indicates: "800 or 1600m"In Diagram Figure 2: Lut -"Ladder" Course The lenght of back- and-forth leg must indicate: "0 to 1600m"
110In chapter "Experimental Weapons" we read about the commanding officer of U-551, KK Fritz Steinhoff.This is a triple mistake;
1) In May of 1942 Fritz Steinhoff was a Kapitänleutnant
2) The commander officer of U-551 type VIIC is Kapitänleutnant Karl Schrott
3) The U-boat of this launch is U-511 type IXC.
111re: Operation "Caesar" ..."Six bibers of K-Flot 265 were loaded on three Type VIICs (U295,U716 and U739)"...One of the three type VIIC boats was U992.

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