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Submarine Grayback

The Life & Death of the WWII Sub, USS Grayback

By Cline, Rick
1999, R. A. Cline Publishing
ISBN 0966323513
Paperback, 252 pages, 31 b&w photos

Descripton: From the publisher: "Her fate would be death in the depths, but before she was sunk, the USS Grayback (SS-208) compiled an impressive battle record. The submarine and her courageous crew quickly made a name for themselves sinking 19 enemy vessels, including another submarine and a destroyer. Over 66,000 tons of enemy ships were destroyed by Grayback. At the height of her remarkable career, Grayback mysteriously disappeared. When she made her fatal plunge to the bottom of the Pacific, eighty brave Americans including her gallant captain were lost forever."

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Allied Warships. USS Grayback

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