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Stoker's Submarine

By Brenchley, Fred and Brenchley, Elizabeth
2001, Harpercollins
ISBN 073226703X
Paperback, 264 pages, 22 pages of photos, 2 maps

Descripton: On 25 April, 1915, Lieutenant Commander Dacre Stoker and the Australian submarine AE2 penetrated the Dardanelles Strait to 'run amuck' in the Marmara Sea. This book concentrates on Stoker throughout his early career with the Royal Navy, the penetration of the Dardanelles, capture and life as a POW in Turkey and life after the war. Topics also covered include the early evolution of submarines, the search for AE2's wreck and its subsequent discovery. An appendix gives a profile of each crewmember of the AE2 - an interesting insight into the men that crewed early submarines.

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