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Maru Killer

War Patrols of the USS Seahorse

By Bouslog, Dave
2002, R. A. Cline Publishing
ISBN 0966323548
Paperback, 22 photos, 5 maps

Descripton: The USS Seahorse (SS-304) was one of the top ranked submarines in the Pacific during World War II. She completed eight impressive war patrols under four different skippers, two of whom earned the coveted Navy Cross. Her most successful CO was Commander Slade D. Cutter of Chicago, Illinois. As captain of the Seahorse, Cutter destroyed 19 enemy ships, placing him second in the overall score for submarine commanders of WWII. In 1945, at wars end, Seahorse ranked sixth in the number of ships destroyed and twelfth in tonnage sunk. This book makes exclusive use of the submarine's war patrol reports as well as extensive interviews and correspondence with her surviving officers and enlisted men.

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