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S-Boote: les vedettes rapides de la Kriegsmarine 1939-1945

By Dallies-Labourdette, Jean-Philippe
(German S-Boote at War, 1939-1945)
2003, Histoire & Collections, Paris
Hardcover, 176 pages
book is in French language

Descripton: Too little has been written to date on Germany's Schnellboote in the Second World War. Known by the Allies as E-Boats (Enemy Boats), the S Boote played havoc with Allied naval operations in the English Channel and elsewhere. Many of their captains were amongst the most decorated of any branch of the Kriegsmarine. This highly detailed book examines all aspects of the S-Boote, from design to deployment, and notes all the major engagements for which they are famous. As with all Histoire & Collections books, you are guaranteed a visual feast of excellent descriptive graphics and previously unseen photographs.

S-Boote les vedettes rapides de la Kriegsmarine 1939-1945 Un livre passionnant, richement illustré de photos et de plans, sur les différentes flottilles allemandes de S-Boote en place sur nos côtes et leurs bâtiments.