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Carrier Operations in World War II

By Brown, J.D.
2009, Naval Institute Press
ISBN 1591141087
Hardcover, 320 pages

Descripton: The Royal Navy s Fleet Air Arm grew from a small force into a powerful strategic weapon during World War II, with British carrier-based aircraft fighting throughout the world. This complete history describes their activities in the Home, Mediterranean, Eastern, and British Pacific Fleets, together with forces created for specific operations, and lists aircraft and units embarked during the various phases. The author also covers carrier operations in the Pacific between 1941 and 1945, noting that both the U.S. Navy and Imperial Japanese Navy watched the Royal Navy s early carrier operations in the European Theatre and benefited from the lessons. This work combines material from two earlier studies by J. D. Brown and adds information the author was compiling for a third volume at the time of his death.

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Allied Warships. HMS Furious
Allied Warships. HMS Illustrious
Allied Warships. HMS Victorious
Allied Warship Class. Ark Royal
Allied Warship Class. Colossus
Allied Warship Class. Courageous
Allied Warship Class. Eagle
Allied Warship Class. Furious
Allied Warship Class. Hermes
Allied Warship Class. Illustrious
Allied Warship Class. Implacable
Allied Warship Class. Indomitable
Allied Warship Class. Unicorn

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