Operation Deadlight Expedition 2001

DAY FOUR: - 17th July 2001

U-861 - Type IXD2 Unable to dive due to bad weather.
Depth: Weather and sea conditions:
Sunny - 7E - Unknown underwater visibility - 43 metres depth.

Diving report:
Easterly gales prevented us from attempting to reach our planned targets for today. Instead, we planned to dive the well-known wreck of U861, which was sunk during Operation Deadlight. Even though this site is protected by Inishtrahull island, the sea conditions were too dangerous for diving.

Instead we satisfied ourselves by locating the wreck on sounder and planning to dive this wreck at some time later in the expedition.

We will be running into Portrush tonight. In the event that the weather does not blow through overnight, allowing us to get back on track, we will be well placed to attempt either U861 or the war-grave U1014 tomorrow.

We have reviewed the video footage from the dives conducted so far and can confirm that it includes some of the finest footage of sunken submarines we have ever seen!!!

Media interest in Ireland and Scotland has been increasing steadily. Innes is conducting radio and newspaper interviews daily as the expedition continues to grab the attention of the public.

Plans are now afoot to find the best possible means of presenting a film of the expedition, showing the spectacular images so far attained.

Operation Deadlight Expedition 2001

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