Italian submarines in World War Two

Ruggiero Settimo (RS)

TypeOcean going 
ClassSettembrini (7) 
Laid down 16 Jun 1928 Cantieri Navale Tosi di Taranto, Taranto
Launched29 Mar 1931
Commissioned25 Apr 1932
End service
Stricken1 Feb 1948
Loss date
Loss position
History Stricken on 1st February 1948.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
T.V. Giovanni Cantù4 Jun 194027 Aug 1940
T.V. Carlo Fecia di Cossato27 Aug 194024 Sep 1940
C.C. Antonio Cuzzaniti27 Sep 194028 Dec 1940
C.C. Mario Spano28 Nov 194031 Jan 1942
C.C. Mario Paolo Pollina31 Jan 194228 Mar 1942
C.C. Giovanni Cunsolo28 Mar 19427 Apr 1942
C.C. Loris Albanese8 Apr 194222 May 1942
C.F. Candido Corvetti22 May 194230 Jun 1942
C.F. Riccardo Boris30 Jun 194228 Sep 1942
C.C. Alberto Campanella29 Sep 194222 Jan 1943
T.V. Aurelio Mariotti1 Feb 194325 Feb 1943
C.C. Domenico Romano26 Feb 19434 Mar 1943
C.C. Antonio Dotta5 Mar 194331 Dec 1943
C.C. Marco Revedin24 Apr 19449 Sep 1944
C.C. Renato Frascolla27 Sep 194430 Nov 1944
C.C. Luigi Andreotti1 Dec 194420 Jan 1945
C.C. Marco Revedin20 Jan 19457 Apr 1945
T.V. Rodolfo Bombig8 Apr 19459 Apr 1945
T.V. Mario Barazzuoli10 Apr 19455 May 1945
C.C. Marco Revedin6 May 19455 Jun 1945
T.V. Luigi De Ferrante6 Jun 1945Aug 1945

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
1Cantù, Giovanni6 Jun 19400427Taranto16 Jun 19401546Gallipoli (near Taranto)1295Patrolled in Kythera Channel, north of Crete.
  13 Jun 19402027
(0) Off Suda (Crete)
A large enemy submarine was sighted at a distance of 1,000 metres and two torpedoes (533mm) were fired, but missed. The enemy submarine also appeared to have launched torpedoes. This was possibly HMS Phoenix, which was in 35°42' N, 24°11' E, but she did not fire torpedoes and did not observe the attack.

Cantù, Giovanni26 Jun 19401505Gallipoli (near Taranto)26 Jun 19401730Taranto7Passage Gallipoli-Taranto.

Cantù, Giovanni4 Jul 19401620Taranto5 Jul 19401652Augusta282Passage Taranto-Augusta with submarine Luigi Settembrini.

2Cantù, Giovanni8 Jul 19402321Augusta13 Jul 19400007Augusta389Patrolled in 36°10'N, 17°20'E. Damaged by a bomb from a Sunderland.
  12 Jul 19401129
1125 (e)
36° 10'N, 17° 20'E
(e) 36° 48'N, 15° 54'E
(0) Approximately.
The submarine was attacked by a Sunderland flying at an altitude of 250 meters. This was Sunderland 'W' (N.9020) of 228 Squadron, piloted by Squadron Leader G. L. Menzies] flying at 2,000 feet, which dropped three 250 lb A/S bombs and strafed the submarine. Ruggiero Settimo replied with the starboard machine-gun, but it jammed after a few rounds. The submarine turned to starboard as an evasive action, allowing the port side MG to bear, but it was hit by a bomb on the stern just abaft the engine compartment, causing only minor damage. Luckily, despite being strafed by the Sunderland, there were no casualties. Settimo dived, two more bombs were dropped on the submerging submarine and another on a third run. These bombs caused more serious damage forcing the submarine to abort her patrol.

Cantù, Giovanni20 Jul 19401600Augusta21 Jul 19401750Taranto298Passage Augusta-Taranto.

Cantù, Giovanni23 Aug 19400804Taranto23 Aug 19401640Taranto26Exercises.

Cantù, Giovanni25 Aug 19400850Taranto25 Aug 19401700Taranto50Exercises.

3Fecia di Cossato, Carlo29 Aug 19400350Taranto23 Sep 19400825Messina2764Patrolled southeast of Crete, between (1) 32°20'N, 26°46'E (2) 31°48'N, 27°22'E (3) 33°46'N, 28°26'E (4) 33°12'N, 29°03'E.
  16 Sep 19400506
(0) SE of Crete.
An unidentified enemy warship was sighted. The submarine dived to attack, but contact could not be regained.
  17 Sep 19401948
(0) SE of Crete.
The submarine sighted two destroyers at 1945 hours and was seen by them. She dived and was depth charged, but after stopping her engines, they appear to lose contact and no damage incurred.

Cuzzaniti, Antonio25 Nov 19400820Messina25 Nov 19401730Messina110Exercises.

Cuzzaniti, Antonio26 Nov 19400830Messina26 Nov 19401640Messina54Exercises.

Spano, Mario29 Nov 19401015Messina29 Nov 19401724Messina61Exercises.

Spano, Mario14 Dec 19400830Messina14 Dec 19401630Messina72Exercises.

Spano, Mario16 Dec 19400826Messina16 Dec 19401624Messina63Exercises.

Spano, Mario31 Dec 19400806Messina31 Dec 19401530Messina54Exercises.

Spano, Mario5 Jan 19410824Messina5 Jan 19411615Messina60Exercises.

Spano, Mario8 Jan 19410845Messina8 Jan 19411615MessinaTrials, escorted by the auxiliary Cicconetti.

4Spano, Mario9 Jan 19410833Messina13 Jan 19411410Messina566Patrolled east of Malta, within 15 miles of 35°40'N, 16°00'E.
  10 Jan 1941222235° 22'N, 16° 15'EThe submarine sighted two cruisers of the LIVERPOOL class and fired a salvo of three torpedoes (533mm) from her bow tubes, at a distance of 1,500 metres, to the leading ship. It was a surface attack and the submarine immediately dived after firing. One explosion was heard after 70 seconds and some crew members claimed it was followed very quickly by a second one. Italian sources later claimed that the cruisers were HMS Gloucester and HMS Southampton (who was sunk by bombers the next afternoon) of the EXCESS convoy, but their position were farther west and no torpedo hit was reported at that time. The targets were perhaps large destroyers as the "cruiser" turned and attacked the submarine with two patterns of depth charges.

5Spano, Mario19 Jan 19411045Messina30 Jan 19411815Messina1066Patrolled east of Malta within 15 miles of 35°20'N, 16°40'E, forced to return because of defects. Uneventful except for H.E.

Spano, Mario15 Feb 19410900Messina15 Feb 19411720Messina60Exercises.

6Spano, Mario23 Feb 19412210Messina8 Mar 19411410Messina1050,7Patrolled east of Malta, within 15 miles of 35°30'N, 16°10'E. Uneventful (sighted only a hospital ship). Then at Messina, available on 24 hrs notice.

Spano, Mario2 Apr 19410815Messina2 Apr 19411530Messina55,7Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Castiglia.

Spano, Mario14 Apr 19410816Messina14 Apr 19411620Messina58,8Exercises.

Spano, Mario18 Apr 19412330Messina19 Apr 19410625Augusta81,7Passage Messina-Augusta.

7Spano, Mario25 Apr 19412010Augusta26 Apr 19411020Augusta121,5Brief sortie for hydrophone watch with submarine Ambra, from 37°25'N, 15°30'E toward east for 15 miles and then 20 miles to the southeast.

8Spano, Mario27 Apr 19412110Augusta12 May 19410740Augusta1226,9Patrolled east of Malta within 15 miles of 35°40'N, 16°05'E.
  4 May 19412335A hospital ship on 320° course was observed and the submarine submerged to avoid being seen.
  8 May 19411718-1721
(0) East of Malta.
The submarine was at a depth of 50 meters when she was bombed by aircraft but was undamaged.
  9 May 1941003835° 37'N, 16° 20'EFour light units were observed steering 300°. The submarine turned toward them and having closed to about 1,500 metres, fired a salvo of three torpedoes (533mm) from her bow tubes but missed. These were possibly Breconshire escorted by the destroyers HMS Havock, HMS Hotspur and HMS Imperial.

Spano, Mario13 May 19410834Augusta13 May 19411614Messina81,4Passage Augusta-Messina.

Spano, Mario30 May 19410819Messina30 May 19411550Messina62,9Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Castiglia.

Spano, Mario6 Jun 19412202Messina7 Jun 19410525Augusta81,7Passage Messina-Augusta.

Spano, Mario15 Jun 19410830Augusta15 Jun 19411107Augusta4,5Exercises.

Spano, Mario21 Jun 19410830Augusta21 Jun 19411100Augusta4,5Exercises.

Spano, Mario28 Jun 19410830Augusta28 Jun 19411040Augusta5,6Exercises.

Spano, Mario1 Jul 19410845Augusta1 Jul 19411155Augusta13,8Exercises.

Spano, Mario9 Jul 19410800Augusta9 Jul 19411125Augusta13,3Exercises.

Spano, Mario16 Jul 19410835Augusta16 Jul 19411115Augusta12Exercises.

9Spano, Mario22 Jul 19411700Augusta28 Jul 19410945Augusta651,7Patrolled southwest of Malta. Uneventful.

10Spano, Mario31 Jul 19411310Augusta5 Aug 19411025Augusta341,6Patrolled southeast of Malta.

Spano, Mario10 Aug 19411003Augusta10 Aug 19411700Messina77Passage Augusta-Messina.

Spano, Mario11 Aug 19411803Messina12 Aug 19411510Naples226Passage Messina-Naples.

Spano, Mario11 Oct 19411030Naples11 Oct 19411642Naples37Exercises.

Spano, Mario13 Oct 19410948Naples13 Oct 19411445Naples20,5Exercises.

Spano, Mario27 Oct 19410810Naples27 Oct 19411245Naples26Exercises.

Spano, Mario6 Nov 19410925Naples6 Nov 19411322Naples29Exercises.

Spano, Mario8 Nov 19410720Naples8 Nov 19411326Naples31,5Exercises.

Spano, Mario15 Nov 19410855Naples15 Nov 19411335Naples29,3Exercises.

Spano, Mario17 Nov 19410920Naples17 Nov 19411655Naples51Exercises.

Spano, Mario19 Nov 19411645Naples19 Nov 19412016Naples18,5Exercises.

Spano, Mario25 Nov 19410936Naples25 Nov 19411608Naples37,5Exercises.

Spano, Mario29 Nov 19411340Naples30 Nov 19410855Messina224,4Passage Naples-Messina.

11Spano, Mario3 Dec 19411041Messina7 Dec 19411815DernaSupply mission to Derna (9.5 tons of food supplies).

11bSpano, Mario7 Dec 19412052Derna11 Dec 19410843Messina1200Return trip from supply mission to Derna.
  8 Dec 1941043033° 58'N, 22° 34'ETwo destroyers, in line ahead steering 320°, were sighted. Ruggiero Settimo fired a salvo of three torpedoes (533mm) from the bow tubes; two were aimed at the first destroyer and another at the second destroyer. They missed.

Spano, Mario30 Dec 19410858Messina30 Dec 19411410Messina25,3Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Nuova Maria.

12Spano, Mario1 Jan 19421700Messina4 Jan 19420804Messina609,5Patrolled near Capo Dell'Armi.
  3 Jan 1942043035° 52'N, 19° 20'EA derelict mine was seen. unsuccessful attempts were made to sink it by machine gun fire, but the heavy seas prevented accurate shooting.

Spano, Mario8 Jan 19420117Messina8 Jan 19420855Augusta74Passage Messina-Augusta.

13Spano, Mario9 Jan 19421630Augusta13 Jan 19421400Tripoli531,5Supply mission to Tripoli (20 tons of ammunition and 12 tons of food supplies). Encountered heavy seas and took on water, which caused a short circuit and a fire.

13bSpano, Mario19 Jan 19421400Tripoli21 Jan 19421012Augusta411Return trip from supply mission to Tripoli.

Spano, Mario28 Jan 19420954Augusta29 Jan 19421440Taranto280Passage Augusta-Taranto.

Pollina, Mario Paolo31 Jan 1942Taranto28 Mar 1942TarantoLong refit in Taranto.

Cunsolo, Giovanni28 Mar 1942Taranto7 Apr 1942TarantoLong refit in Taranto (cont.).

Albanese, Loris8 Apr 1942Taranto22 May 1942TarantoLong refit in Taranto (cont.).

Corvetti, Candido22 May 1942Taranto30 Jun 1942TarantoChange in command. Responsible during refit at Taranto.

Boris, Riccardo23 Sep 19421326Taranto23 Sep 19421702Taranto7,5Trials.

Boris, Riccardo28 Sep 19420845Taranto28 Sep 19421536Taranto29,1Exercises.

Campanella, Alberto2 Oct 19420828Taranto2 Oct 19421820Taranto75Trials.

Campanella, Alberto3 Oct 19420840Taranto3 Oct 19421340Taranto1,8Gyrocompass test.

Campanella, Alberto4 Oct 19420840Taranto4 Oct 19421630Taranto47,6Exercises.

Campanella, Alberto7 Oct 19421200Taranto7 Oct 19421730Taranto28Exercises.

Campanella, Alberto8 Oct 19421600Taranto11 Oct 19421000Pola571,9Passage Taranto-Pola. Uneventful.

Campanella, Alberto13 Oct 19420800Pola13 Oct 19421300Fiume71Passage Pola-Fiume.

Campanella, Alberto15 Oct 19420930Fiume15 Oct 19422230Fiume35Exercises.

Campanella, Alberto16 Oct 19421200Fiume16 Oct 19421830Fiume27,5Exercises.

Campanella, Alberto17 Oct 19421350Fiume17 Oct 19421430Fiume2,5Changed moorings.

Campanella, Alberto2 Nov 19421400Fiume4 Nov 19421238Taranto563,5Passage Fiume-Taranto.

Campanella, Alberto11 Nov 19420815Taranto11 Nov 19421145Taranto11,8Trials.

14Campanella, Alberto12 Nov 19421147Taranto15 Nov 19421330TripoliSupply mission to Tripoli. Uneventful.

14bCampanella, Alberto15 Nov 19421650Tripoli18 Nov 19421553Taranto1271,3Return trip from supply mission to Tripoli. Uneventful [mileage is for round trip].

15Campanella, Alberto28 Nov 19421145Taranto1 Dec 19420930TripoliSupply mission to Tripoli (31.4 tons of Italian ammunition). Uneventful.

15bCampanella, Alberto1 Dec 19421240Tripoli4 Dec 19421600Taranto1391,7Return trip from supply mission to Tripoli. Uneventful [mileage is for round trip].

16Campanella, Alberto16 Dec 19421130Taranto19 Dec 19420845TripoliSupply mission to Tripoli (31.7 tons of ammunition).

16bCampanella, Alberto19 Dec 19421115Tripoli23 Dec 19421345Taranto1458Return trip from supply mission to Tripoli [mileage is for round trip].
  20 Dec 19421700The submarine was ordered to patrol in Italian Grid 8860, after two unknown vessels were reported earlier in Grid 5678 on 150° course. The submarine reverted course and proceeded to this area. At 2100 hours on 21st December, she was ordered to resume her return home.

17Campanella, Alberto7 Jan 19431155Taranto12 Jan 19431020TripoliSupply mission to Tripoli (33.1 tons of German ammunition). Uneventful.

17bCampanella, Alberto12 Jan 19431420Tripoli15 Jan 19431515Taranto1332,5Return trip from supply mission to Tripoli. Uneventful [mileage is for round trip].

Campanella, Alberto18 Jan 19430800Taranto18 Jan 19431300Taranto26Exercises.

Mariotti, Aurelio1 Feb 1943Taranto25 Feb 1943Taranto27Change in command.

Romano, Domenico26 Feb 19430715Taranto26 Feb 19431150Taranto27Exercises.

Romano, Domenico28 Feb 19431600Taranto4 Mar 19431035Pola562Passage Taranto-Pola. Minor explosion in one of the engines.

Dotta, Antonio14 Mar 19430300Pola14 Mar 19431030Nazario Sauro (Fiume)57Passage Pola-Nazario Sauro, escorted by torpedo boat T.3.

Dotta, Antonio15 Mar 19430915Fiume15 Mar 19432300Fiume51Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio17 Mar 19431020Fiume18 Mar 19430030Fiume60Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio19 Mar 19431045Fiume19 Mar 19431900Fiume34Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio22 Mar 19431030Fiume22 Mar 19432310Fiume55Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio24 Mar 19431250Fiume24 Mar 19432250Fiume47Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio26 Mar 19431020Fiume26 Mar 19432345Fiume67Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio29 Mar 19431310Fiume29 Mar 19431835Fiume25Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio30 Mar 19431357Fiume30 Mar 19431722Fiume15Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio31 Mar 19431125Fiume31 Mar 19432315Fiume59Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio2 Apr 19431325Fiume3 Apr 19430045Fiume65Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio5 Apr 19431145Fiume5 Apr 19432315Fiume72Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio7 Apr 19431145Fiume7 Apr 19432330Fiume57Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio9 Apr 19430920Fiume9 Apr 19432400Fiume76Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio12 Apr 19431400Fiume12 Apr 19432310Fiume55Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio14 Apr 19431030Fiume14 Apr 19432300Fiume92Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio16 Apr 19431000Fiume17 Apr 19430020Fiume76Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio19 Apr 19431400Fiume20 Apr 19430015Fiume53Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio21 Apr 19431320Fiume22 Apr 19430020Fiume48Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio23 Apr 19431300Fiume24 Apr 19430030Fiume60Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio26 Apr 19431145Fiume27 Apr 19430045Fiume75Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio28 Apr 19431315Fiume29 Apr 19430030Fiume67Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio30 Apr 19431200Fiume1 May 19430210Fiume84Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio3 May 19431340Fiume3 May 19432340Fiume60Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio5 May 19431350Fiume6 May 19430035Fiume56Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio7 May 19431440Fiume7 May 19432345Fiume41Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio8 May 19431140Fiume8 May 19431340Fiume2Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio10 May 19431315Fiume11 May 19430055Fiume56Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio12 May 19431305Fiume13 May 19430140Fiume71Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio14 May 19431444Fiume15 May 19430200Fiume58Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio17 May 19431305Fiume18 May 19430520Fiume62Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio19 May 19431215Fiume20 May 19430030Fiume60Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio21 May 19431215Fiume22 May 19430039Fiume73Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio22 May 19431000Fiume22 May 19431720Fiume38Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio24 May 19431220Fiume25 May 19430050Fiume66Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio26 May 19431200Fiume27 May 19430225Fiume79Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio28 May 19431300Fiume29 May 19430058Fiume62Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio31 May 19431200Fiume1 Jun 19430156Fiume76Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio2 Jun 19431230Fiume3 Jun 19430130Fiume66Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio4 Jun 19431046Fiume5 Jun 19430235Fiume89Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio7 Jun 19431030Fiume8 Jun 19430230Fiume84Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio9 Jun 19431005Fiume10 Jun 19430215Fiume78Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio11 Jun 19431250Fiume11 Jun 19431820Fiume34Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio11 Jun 19432130Fiume12 Jun 19430200?Fiume36Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio15 Jun 19431205Fiume16 Jun 19430210Fiume80Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio17 Jun 19431010Fiume18 Jun 19430125Fiume75Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio19 Jun 19431230Fiume20 Jun 19430245Fiume70Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio21 Jun 19430945Fiume21 Jun 19431245Fiume32Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio21 Jun 19431445Fiume22 Jun 19430100Fiume60Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio22 Jun 19431445Fiume23 Jun 19430100Fiume82Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio26 Jun 19431240Fiume27 Jun 19430200Fiume67Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio28 Jun 19431445Fiume28 Jun 19432145Fiume34Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio29 Jun 19431215Fiume29 Jun 19432140Fiume35Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio1 Jul 19431215Fiume2 Jul 19430150Fiume70Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio3 Jul 19431150Fiume4 Jul 19430130Fiume62Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio6 Jul 19431210Fiume7 Jul 19430140Fiume65Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio8 Jul 19431220Fiume9 Jul 19430045Fiume59,5Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio10 Jul 19431130Fiume11 Jul 19430120Fiume69,6Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio14 Jul 19431015Fiume14 Jul 19431710FiumeExercises.

Dotta, Antonio14 Jul 19432050Fiume15 Jul 19430220Fiume75Exercises [mileage includes morning sortie].

Dotta, Antonio16 Jul 19431005Fiume16 Jul 19431725FiumeExercises.

Dotta, Antonio16 Jul 19432110Fiume17 Jul 19430035Fiume64Exercises [mileage includes morning sortie].

Dotta, Antonio19 Jul 19431000Fiume19 Jul 19431700FiumeExercises.

Dotta, Antonio19 Jul 19432050Fiume20 Jul 19430240Fiume77Exercises [mileage includes morning sortie].

Dotta, Antonio21 Jul 19431000Fiume21 Jul 19431845FiumeExercises.

Dotta, Antonio21 Jul 19432045Fiume22 Jul 19430100Fiume88Exercises [mileage includes morning sortie].

Dotta, Antonio23 Jul 19432045Fiume23 Jul 19430130FiumeExercises.

Dotta, Antonio23 Jul 19432045Fiume24 Jul 19430100Fiume69Exercises [mileage includes morning sortie].

Dotta, Antonio24 Jul 19431245Fiume24 Jul 19431815Fiume29Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio26 Jul 19431015Fiume26 Jul 19431750FiumeExercises.

Dotta, Antonio26 Jul 19432030Fiume27 Jul 19430100Fiume72Exercises [mileage includes morning sortie].

Dotta, Antonio28 Jul 19431015Fiume28 Jul 19431645FiumeExercises.

Dotta, Antonio28 Jul 19432200Fiume29 Jul 19430530Fiume97Exercises [mileage includes morning sortie].

Dotta, Antonio30 Jul 19431015Fiume30 Jul 19431415Fiume21Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio31 Jul 19431025Fiume31 Jul 19431400FiumeExercises.

Dotta, Antonio31 Jul 19432115Fiume31 Jul 19432400Fiume52Exercises [mileage includes morning sortie].

Dotta, Antonio2 Aug 19431020Sussa (Fiume)2 Aug 19431715Sussa (Fiume)Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio2 Aug 19432030Sussa (Fiume)3 Aug 19430130Sussa (Fiume)64Exercises [mileage includes morning sortie].

Dotta, Antonio4 Aug 19431000Sussa (Fiume)4 Aug 19431830Sussa (Fiume)Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio4 Aug 19432100Sussa (Fiume)5 Aug 19430120Sussa (Fiume)76Exercises [mileage includes morning sortie].

Dotta, Antonio6 Aug 19431020Sussa (Fiume)6 Aug 19431730Sussa (Fiume)Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio6 Aug 19432030Sussa (Fiume)7 Aug 19430150Sussa (Fiume)66Exercises [mileage includes morning sortie].

Dotta, Antonio7 Aug 19431215Sussa (Fiume)7 Aug 19431730Sussa (Fiume)31Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio9 Aug 19431020Sussa (Fiume)9 Aug 19431710Sussa (Fiume)Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio9 Aug 19432055Sussa (Fiume)10 Aug 19430040Sussa (Fiume)62Exercises [mileage includes morning sortie].

Dotta, Antonio11 Aug 19430600Sussa (Fiume)11 Aug 19431715Sussa (Fiume)Trials.

Dotta, Antonio11 Aug 19432050Sussa (Fiume)12 Aug 19430030Sussa (Fiume)100Trials [mileage includes morning sortie].

Dotta, Antonio13 Aug 19431015Sussa (Fiume)13 Aug 19431600Sussa (Fiume)Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio13 Aug 19432045Sussa (Fiume)14 Aug 19430300Sussa (Fiume)74Exercises [mileage includes morning sortie].

Dotta, Antonio14 Aug 19431230Sussa (Fiume)14 Aug 19431955Sussa (Fiume)38Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio16 Aug 19431030Sussa (Fiume)16 Aug 19431710Sussa (Fiume)Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio16 Aug 19432040Sussa (Fiume)17 Aug 19430345Sussa (Fiume)72Exercises [mileage includes morning sortie].

Dotta, Antonio20 Aug 19430540Sussa (Fiume)20 Aug 19431340Sussa (Fiume)40Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio23 Aug 19431100Sussa (Fiume)23 Aug 19431200Fiume9Passage Sussa-Fiume for docking.

Dotta, Antonio9 Sep 19432300Fiume12 Sep 19431210Taranto530Passage Fiume-Taranto to surrender. She was used for A/S exercises in Taranto. She carried out seventy-three sorties of exercises for a total of 650 hours in 1943-1944. Disarmed the following summer.
  11 Sep 19431800An unknown MTB was sighted at long range and the submarine prudently dived.
  12 Sep 19430930The Italian submarine Otaria was sighted and recognition signals were exchanged.

Dotta, Antonio22 Oct 19430600Taranto22 Oct 19431243Taranto25Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio30 Oct 19430635Taranto30 Oct 19431332Taranto32Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio11 Nov 19430748Taranto11 Nov 19431710Taranto28Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio16 Nov 19430730Taranto16 Nov 19431139Taranto20Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio23 Nov 19430632Taranto23 Nov 19431215Taranto20Exercises with the torpedo boats Calliope and Fabrizi.

Dotta, Antonio30 Nov 19430654Taranto30 Nov 19431345Taranto24Exercises with the corvette Minerva and the torpedo boat Fabrizi.

Dotta, Antonio7 Dec 19430632Taranto7 Dec 19431512Taranto30Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio11 Dec 19430707Taranto11 Dec 19431348Taranto25Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio14 Dec 19430700Taranto14 Dec 19431800Taranto38Exercises with the torpedo boats Indomito, Aretusa, Abba and Pilo and the corvette Urania.

Dotta, Antonio18 Dec 19430845Taranto18 Dec 19431800Taranto26,5Exercises with the torpedo boats Indomito and Aretusa, the corvettes Urania and Gabbiano and the tug Ercole.

Dotta, Antonio28 Dec 19430632Taranto28 Dec 19430800Taranto11Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio30 Dec 19430700Taranto30 Dec 19431333Taranto24,5Exercises.

Erler, Rino4 Jan 19441105Taranto4 Jan 19441700Taranto22,5Exercises.

Erler, Rino7 Jan 19441040Taranto7 Jan 19441640Taranto20,5Exercises.

Erler, Rino11 Jan 19440635Taranto11 Jan 19441325Taranto24Exercises.

Erler, Rino14 Jan 19440814Taranto14 Jan 19441652Taranto23Exercises.

Erler, Rino17 Jan 19440931Taranto17 Jan 19441707Taranto27,5Exercises.

Erler, Rino24 Jan 19440832Taranto24 Jan 19441715Taranto25,5Exercises.

Erler, Rino28 Jan 19440703Taranto28 Jan 19441706Taranto31Exercises.

Erler, Rino31 Jan 19440813Taranto31 Jan 19441645Taranto23Exercising with the torpedo boat Abba and the submarine Otaria.

Erler, Rino3 Mar 19440820Taranto3 Mar 19441727Taranto21Exercises.

Erler, Rino9 Mar 19440639Taranto9 Mar 19441645Taranto26,5Exercises.

Erler, Rino10 Mar 19440814Taranto10 Mar 19441725Taranto27Exercises.

Erler, Rino17 Mar 19440811Taranto17 Mar 19441635Taranto26Exercises.

Erler, Rino21 Mar 19440705Taranto21 Mar 19441630Taranto26Exercises.

Erler, Rino23 Mar 19440822Taranto23 Mar 19441800Taranto28Exercises.

Erler, Rino31 Mar 19440740Taranto31 Mar 19441725Taranto39,3Exercises.

Erler, Rino1 Apr 19440640Taranto1 Apr 19441615Taranto28Exercises.

Erler, Rino4 Apr 19440633Taranto4 Apr 19441700Taranto37Exercises.

Erler, Rino6 Apr 19440810Taranto6 Apr 19441810Taranto35Exercises.

Erler, Rino13 Apr 19440713Taranto13 Apr 19441855Taranto39Exercises.

Erler, Rino15 Apr 19440645Taranto15 Apr 19441500Taranto35Exercises with the corvettes Ape and Cormorano.

Erler, Rino18 Apr 19440705Taranto18 Apr 19441150Taranto21,5Exercises.

Erler, Rino21 Apr 19440820Taranto21 Apr 19441620Taranto31,5Exercises.

Revedin, Marco26 Apr 19440710Taranto26 Apr 19441605Taranto32Exercises.

Revedin, Marco29 Apr 19440635Taranto29 Apr 19441415Taranto33Exercises.

Revedin, Marco1 May 19440705Taranto1 May 19441400Taranto26Exercises.

Revedin, Marco6 May 19440610Taranto6 May 19441145Taranto26Exercises.

Revedin, Marco8 May 19440700Taranto8 May 19441258Taranto17,5Exercises.

Revedin, Marco10 May 19440700Taranto10 May 19441405Taranto28Exercises.

Revedin, Marco15 May 19440651Taranto15 May 19441435Taranto25Exercises.

Revedin, Marco21 May 19440700Taranto21 May 19441437Taranto25Exercises.

Revedin, Marco27 May 19440650Taranto27 May 19441435Taranto30Exercises then refit.

Revedin, Marco5 Jul 19440747Taranto5 Jul 19441147Taranto18Trials.

Revedin, Marco15 Jul 19440549Taranto15 Jul 19441415Taranto27Exercises.

Revedin, Marco19 Jul 19440549Taranto19 Jul 19441510Taranto45Exercises.

Revedin, Marco21 Jul 19440543Taranto21 Jul 19441421Taranto40,5Exercises.

Revedin, Marco29 Jul 19440613Taranto29 Jul 19441319Taranto29Exercises.

Revedin, Marco2 Aug 19440608Taranto2 Aug 19441547Taranto38,9Exercises.

Revedin, Marco4 Aug 19440600Taranto4 Aug 19441540Taranto37,7Exercises.

Revedin, Marco7 Aug 19440610Taranto7 Aug 19441530Taranto40,7Exercises.

Revedin, Marco22 Aug 19441225Taranto22 Aug 19442005Taranto37,1Exercises.

Revedin, Marco25 Aug 19440600Taranto25 Aug 19441230Taranto22Exercises.

Revedin, Marco1 Sep 19440603Taranto1 Sep 19441419Taranto29,5Exercises.

Revedin, Marco8 Sep 19440907Taranto8 Sep 19441645Taranto25,5Exercises.

Frascolla, Renato27 Sep 19440631Taranto27 Sep 19441900Taranto44,6Exercises.

Frascolla, Renato7 Nov 19441145Taranto7 Nov 19442100Taranto39Exercises.

Frascolla, Renato14 Nov 19440625Taranto14 Nov 19441144Taranto24,5Exercises.

Frascolla, Renato21 Nov 19440613Taranto21 Nov 19441430Taranto31,4Exercises.

Frascolla, Renato25 Nov 19440605Taranto25 Nov 19441615Taranto38Exercises with the torpedo boats Animoso, Sirio and Ariete and the corvettes Folaga, Driade and Danaide.

Andreotti, Luigi6 Dec 19440745Taranto6 Dec 19441552Taranto25,5Exercises.

Andreotti, Luigi8 Dec 19440750Taranto8 Dec 19441250Taranto25,4Exercises.

Revedin, Marco9 Feb 19451315Taranto9 Feb 19452314Taranto29,1Exercises.

Revedin, Marco12 Feb 19451327Taranto12 Feb 19452140Taranto32,5Exercises.

Revedin, Marco19 Feb 19451335Taranto19 Feb 19452141Taranto37,2Exercises.

Revedin, Marco21 Feb 19450803Taranto21 Feb 19451450Taranto26,2Exercises.

Revedin, Marco28 Feb 19450752Taranto28 Feb 19451620Taranto20,5Exercises.

Revedin, Marco2 Mar 19450747Taranto2 Mar 19451551Taranto35,5Exercises.

Revedin, Marco7 Mar 19450758Taranto7 Mar 19451540Taranto37,5Exercises.

Revedin, Marco9 Mar 19450800Taranto9 Mar 19451545Taranto33,7Exercises.

Revedin, Marco15 Mar 19450930Taranto15 Mar 19451526Taranto34Exercises.

Revedin, Marco21 Mar 19451326Taranto21 Mar 19452055Taranto27,6Exercises.

Revedin, Marco23 Mar 19450757Taranto23 Mar 19451537Taranto32,5Exercises.

Revedin, Marco28 Mar 19450757Taranto28 Mar 19451656Taranto32Exercises.

Bombig, Rodolfo8 Apr 1945Taranto9 Apr 1945TarantoIn Taranto. Change in command.

Barazzuoli, Mario10 Apr 1945Taranto5 May 1945TarantoIn Taranto. Change in command.

Revedin, Marco6 May 1945Taranto5 Jun 1945TarantoIn Taranto. Change in command.

De Ferrante, Luigi6 Jun 1945Taranto31 Aug 1945TarantoIn Taranto. Change in command.

262 entries. 258 total patrol entries (17 marked as war patrols) and 13 events.

All Italian submarines