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Pietro Notarbartolo di Villarosa

Born  4 Jul 1910Leghorn


  T.V.Tenente di Vascello


Career information

SANTORRE SANTAROSA (T.V. C.O.): from 13.06.1940 to 25.07.1940.
TEMBIEN (T.V. C.O.): from 26.07.1940 to 25.10.1940.
MARCANTONIO COLONNA (T.V. C.O.): from 25.10.1940 to 08.11.1940?
NAIADE (T.V. C.O.): from 09.11.1940 to 14.12.1940 (sunk, Notarbartolo di Villarosa survived as PoW).
PLATINO (T.V. C.O.): from 07.12.1944 to 30.09.1945.

Commands listed for Pietro Notarbartolo di Villarosa

Submarine Type Rank From To
Santorre Di Santarosa (SN)Ocean goingT.V.13 Jun 194025 Jul 1940
Tembien (TE)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.26 Jul 194025 Oct 1940
Marcantonio Colonna (CN)Ocean goingT.V.25 Oct 19408 Nov 1940
Naiade (NA)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.9 Nov 194014 Dec 1940
Platino (PT)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.7 Dec 194430 Sep 1945

Ships hit by Pietro Notarbartolo di Villarosa

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Pietro Notarbartolo di Villarosa

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
1.Santorre Di Santarosa (SN)21 Jun 19401820Trapani26 Jun 19400850Trapani930Patrolled between the islands of Ibiza and Majorca, between 39°00'N and 39°40'N, and between 01°40'E and 02°20'E. Uneventful.
  21 Jun 1940042139° 20'N, 2° 00'E
(0) Approximately.
While submerging, Santorre Di Santarosa embarked five tons of water from the stern due to a defective valve. The submarine surfaced at 0430 hours and expelled the water.

Santorre Di Santarosa (SN)1 Jul 19401300Trapani1 Jul 19401650Trapani22Exercises.

2.Santorre Di Santarosa (SN)5 Jul 19402155Trapani12 Jul 19401420Trapani536Patrolled in 37°10'N, 11°30'E on a SE-NW axis.

Santorre Di Santarosa (SN)13 Jul 19401632Trapani14 Jul 19400935Messina187Passage Trapani-Messina.

3.Tembien (TE)28 Jul 19400915Messina10 Aug 19401820Messina1674Patrolled between 32°10'N and 32°50'N, and between 24°30'E and 25°30'E. Uneventful, except for sighting a Sunderland at 10,000 meters on 28th July. Some members of the crew suffered from intoxication due to the air conditioning system's methyl chloride or chlorine fumes from the batteries.

Tembien (TE)12 Aug 19400830Messina12 Aug 19401540Augusta71Passage Messina-Augusta.

Tembien (TE)2 Sep 19400807Augusta2 Sep 19401230Augusta3,5Exercises.

Tembien (TE)4 Sep 19400805Augusta4 Sep 19401120Augusta5,5Exercises.

Tembien (TE)9 Sep 19401002Augusta9 Sep 19401100Augusta5Exercises.

Tembien (TE)20 Sep 19401255Augusta20 Sep 19401610Augusta3,7Exercises.

4.Tembien (TE)21 Sep 19400603Augusta8 Oct 19401206Augusta1742Patrolled between Ras El Tin (Libya) and Tolmeita, between 33°05'N and 33°45'N, and between 20°50'E and 21°40'E on a patrol line with Mameli.

Tembien (TE)10 Oct 19401640Augusta10 Oct 19401925Augusta6Exercises.

Tembien (TE)11 Oct 19400540Augusta12 Oct 19401103Naples297Passage Augusta-Naples.

Marcantonio Colonna (CN)25 Oct 1940Naples8 Nov 1940Date???NaplesAt Naples. Change in command.

Naiade (NA)9 Nov 19400935Taranto9 Nov 19401520TarantoExercises.

Naiade (NA)17 Nov 19400935Taranto17 Nov 19401520TarantoExercises.

Naiade (NA)22 Nov 19400705Taranto27 Nov 19401603Leros770Passage Taranto-Leros.
  26 Nov 19400325
(0) North of Crete.
At 0325 hours, an enemy torpedo-boat followed by two others were sighted at 4,000 metres. The last vessel turned toward the submarine. Naiade dived to 60 meters but was not attacked.

Naiade (NA)5 Dec 19401730Leros5 Dec 19402127LerosExercises.

5.Naiade (NA)7 Dec 19401735 or 1800/9Leros14 Dec 19401821-1850SunkSailed for a patrol off Alexandria, between 32°20'N and the Egyptian coast, and between 25°25'E and 26°00'E, on a patrol line with Narvalo and Neghelli. Then to a position 20 or 45 miles from Sidi Barrani. Sunk off Bardia by the destroyers HMS Hereward and HMS Hyperion.
  14 Dec 1940
1821 (e)

(e) 32° 03'N, 25° 56'E
T.V. Notarbartolo di Villarosa had intercepted Neghelli's signal or the torpedoing of a cruiser. Naiade was surfaced when an unidentified vessel was seen at a range of 1,500 metres, causing her to dive to 40 metres. She was straddled by four depth charges and damaged. The submarine tried to escape by going down to 125 metres.

At 1821C hours, the destroyers HMS Hereward and HMS Hyperion of the 2nd Flotilla were on A/S search for the submarine that had torpedoed the antiaircraft cruiser HMS Coventry the previous evening (this was Neghelli). HMS Hyperion obtained an ASDIC contact bearing 015° at 1,300 yards.

At 1825C hours, HMS Hyperion dropped four depth charges then lost contact but the submarine surfaced ten minutes later.

This was Naiade who immediately came under the combined gunfire of 4.7" gun and 0.5" machine-guns from both destroyers. Her crew abandoned ship, firing was checked and two whalers lowered from HMS Hyperion proceeded to pick up survivors. One rating was missing. Five officers and forty-one ratings survived and were sent to PoW camps.

Platino (PT)3 Jan 19450630Taranto3 Jan 19451328Taranto56Exercises.

Platino (PT)5 Jan 19450730Taranto5 Jan 19451535Taranto22,3Exercises.

Platino (PT)10 Jan 19450745Taranto10 Jan 19451545Taranto29,5Exercises.

Platino (PT)15 Jan 19451031Taranto15 Jan 19451537Taranto31Exercises.

Platino (PT)17 Jan 19450745Taranto17 Jan 19451508Taranto28,6Exercises.

Platino (PT)20 Jan 19450745Taranto20 Jan 19451510Taranto4,1Gyrocompass tests.

Platino (PT)22 Jan 19450730Taranto22 Jan 19451506Taranto29,1Exercises.

Platino (PT)24 Jan 19450742Taranto24 Jan 19451453Taranto26,9Exercises.

Platino (PT)26 Jan 19450747Taranto26 Jan 19451512Taranto28,2Exercises.

Platino (PT)29 Jan 19450750Taranto29 Jan 19451440Taranto36,2Exercises.

Platino (PT)1 Feb 19450700Taranto1 Feb 19451421Taranto33Trials.

Platino (PT)2 Feb 19451500Taranto2 Feb 19451600Taranto4Trials.

Platino (PT)3 Feb 19451500Taranto3 Feb 19451625Taranto4,5Trials.

Platino (PT)5 Feb 19451250Taranto5 Feb 19452225Taranto53Exercises.

Platino (PT)7 Feb 19451326Taranto7 Feb 19452138Taranto51Exercises.

Platino (PT)9 Feb 19451330Taranto9 Feb 19452252Taranto31,1Exercises.

Platino (PT)14 Feb 19451323Taranto14 Feb 19452043Taranto38,2Exercises.

Platino (PT)15 Feb 19450646Taranto15 Feb 19451847Taranto63,3Exercises.

Platino (PT)17 Feb 19451500Taranto17 Feb 19452143Taranto37Exercises.

Platino (PT)19 Feb 19451340Taranto19 Feb 19452040Taranto44,5Exercises.

Platino (PT)21 Feb 19450653Taranto21 Feb 19451726Taranto39Exercises.

Platino (PT)23 Feb 19450640Taranto23 Feb 19451331Taranto39,7Exercises.

Platino (PT)26 Feb 19450644Taranto26 Feb 19451150Taranto29Exercises.

Platino (PT)7 Apr 19450750Taranto7 Apr 19451513Taranto32,9Exercises.

Platino (PT)9 Apr 1945Date???Taranto10 Apr 1945TarantoIncident with small British vessel.

Platino (PT)11 Apr 19450825Taranto11 Apr 19451610Taranto32,3Exercises.

Platino (PT)14 Apr 19450630Taranto14 Apr 19451414Taranto30,4Exercises.

Platino (PT)19 Apr 19450829Taranto19 Apr 19451558Taranto57Trials.

Platino (PT)20 Apr 19450820Taranto20 Apr 19451518Taranto55Exercises.

Platino (PT)21 Apr 19450620Taranto21 Apr 19451318Taranto33,3Exercises.

Platino (PT)23 Apr 19451301Taranto23 Apr 19451955Taranto24,5Exercises.

Platino (PT)24 Apr 19450620Taranto24 Apr 19451310Taranto31,2Exercises with the destroyer Fuciliere, the torpedo boats Animoso and Mosto, the corvette Minerva and the auxiliary Regia Elena.

Platino (PT)8 May 19450630Taranto8 May 19452047Taranto62,2Exercises.

Platino (PT)12 May 19450635Taranto12 May 19451340Taranto38,7Exercises.

Platino (PT)24 May 19451322Taranto24 May 19452034Taranto40,1Exercises.

Platino (PT)28 May 19450730Taranto28 May 19451536Taranto44,3Exercises.

Platino (PT)30 May 19451328Taranto30 May 19452135Taranto47,8Exercises.

Platino (PT)4 Jun 19451239Taranto4 Jun 19451941Taranto53Trials.

Platino (PT)6 Jun 19451105Taranto6 Jun 19452024Taranto47Exercises.

Platino (PT)8 Jun 19450811Taranto8 Jun 19451550Taranto35Exercises.

Platino (PT)11 Jun 19450800Taranto11 Jun 19451600Taranto42Exercises.

Platino (PT)15 Jun 19451326Taranto15 Jun 19452355Taranto85Exercises.

Platino (PT)20 Jun 19451152Taranto20 Jun 19452040Taranto43Exercises.

Platino (PT)22 Jun 19450800Taranto22 Jun 19451558Taranto58Exercises.

Platino (PT)6 Jul 19450610Taranto6 Jul 19451553Taranto28Exercises.

Platino (PT)9 Jul 19450350Taranto9 Jul 19451203Taranto48Exercises.

Platino (PT)11 Jul 19451438Taranto11 Jul 19452238Taranto48,5Exercises.

Platino (PT)15 Jul 19451840Taranto16 Jul 19450152Taranto39Exercises.

Platino (PT)17 Jul 19451239Taranto17 Jul 19451935Taranto39Exercises.

Platino (PT)26 Jul 19450610Taranto26 Jul 19451325Taranto32,8Exercises.

Platino (PT)28 Jul 19451114Taranto28 Jul 19451535Taranto32,8Exercises.

Platino (PT)8 Aug 19450655Taranto8 Aug 19451333Taranto30,7Exercises.

Platino (PT)9 Aug 19450802Taranto9 Aug 19451356Taranto46,3Exercises.

Platino (PT)10 Aug 19450635Taranto10 Aug 19451606Taranto44,1Exercises.

Platino (PT)29 Aug 19450749Taranto29 Aug 19451637Taranto52,4Exercises.

74 entries. 74 total patrol entries (5 marked as war patrols) and 3 events.

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