The U-boat war in Maps

Cape Farewell

This area saw some of the biggest convoy battles of the U-boat war, several convoy routes passed right through this area, or just to the southwest of it.

Of special fates here are U-110 that was captured in May 1941. Its capture was of immense value for the allies. The U-254 was rammed and sunk by its sister ship, U-221 (Trojer).


1941. 1942. 1943. 1944. 1945.

Click on any marker to see the boat's number. Left double-click to zoom-in. Right double-click to zoom-out.

80 German U-boats lost in the area during the war.

The approximate route of the North Atlantic convoys (HX, ON, SC, ...) is shown in red on the map. Since the Allies often re-routed the convoys away from awaiting German Wolfpacks the line is only a rough indicator.

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