The Convoy Battles

The Convoy system

More than 200 convoy-routes existed in the war, here we show the 94 routes which U-boats attacked, from here you can go to every convoy-route to see all the attacked convoys and some details.

Each convoy was known by two or more letters, usual meaning the the departure and destination harbours, i.e. the AB convoys sailed from Aden to Bombay and BA convoys returned from Bombay to Aden. But also were used the H for Home and the O for Outward, i.e. HX meant for 'Home from Halifax'. The lettering was also used to indicate the convoy's speed. The HX-convoys were allways fast ones and the SC's were slow ones.

The convoys received a number when they left the harbour, like BA-2 or HX-348, some convoys ended up with a number over 100 like the HX, SC, ON and OB convoys.

ASUSA - Freetown OBUK - Outward (North America)
BABombay - Aden/Red Sea OGUK - Gibraltar
BCBeira - Capetown ON(F)UK - North America (fast)
BDWhite sea - Dikson (Soviet) ONSUK - North America (slow)
BRNBrazilian coastal OSUK - Freetown
BSBrest - Casablanca (French) OTNew York - North West Africa
BTBahia - Trinidad PAPersian Gulf - Aden
BTCUK coastal PGPanama - Guantanamo
BXBoston - Halifax PKPetsamo (Kirkenes) - Kola Fjord
CBColombo - Bombay PQIceland - North Russia
CDCapetown - Durban QPNorth Russia - Iceland
CUCaribbean - UK (tankers) QSQuebec - Sydney
DNDurban - North RAKola Fjord - Loch Ewe
EBCChannel RBSt. Lawrence - UK
ECPChannel (Invasion convoys) RSGibraltar - Brest (french)
EMCChannel (Invasion convoys) RSGibraltar - Sierra Leone
ETNorth African ports - Gibraltar RUReykjavik - UK
ETCChannel SCSydney - UK
FNSouthend - Methil SGSydney - Greenland
FNFreetown - Natal (?) SLSierra Leone (Freetown) - UK
FSMethil - Southend SNNapoli - North African ports
FXPChannel (Invasion convoys) SQSydney - Quebec
GibrCanaries - Gibraltar (coastal) TAUK - USA
GTXGibraltar - Tripoli - Alexandria TAGTrinidad - Aruba - Guantanamo
GUSGibraltar - USA (slow) TAM Gibraltar - UK
HATripoli - Augusta TBTrinidad - Bahia
HGGibraltar - UK TBCUK coastal
HNBergen - Methil TJTrinidad - Rio de Janeiro
HXHalifax/ New York - UK TMTrinidad - Gibraltar
JTRio de Janeiro - Trinidad TSTakoradi - Freetown
JWLoch Ewe - Kola Fjord UCUK - Caribbean
KCasablanca - Brest (French) UGFUSA - Gibraltar (fast)
KBKola Fjord - White Sea (Soviet) UGSUSA - Gibraltar (slow)
KGKey West - Guantanamo URUK - Reykjavik
KJKingston - Europe UTUSA - UK
KMFUK - Mediterranean (fast) VAVilkitsky - Dikson (Soviet)
KMSUK - Mediterranean (slow) VDVilkitsky Strait - Dikson (Soviet)
KRSUK - North Africa VWPUK coastal
KSCasablanca - Brest/ St Nazaire WATKey West - Aruba - Trinidad
LMDLorenco Marques - Durban WEGUK coastal
MHUK coastal WEP 
MKFMediterranean - UK (fast) WSUK - Middle East
MKSMediterranean - UK (slow) XVernon - Casablanca (french)
MWSMediterranean West - Malta XBHalifax - Boston
NGNew York - Guantanamo XKGibraltar - UK
OASouthend - Outward (N.-America)   

Convoy Battles