Allied Commanders



DSO and 2 Bars

DSO and 2 Bars

CommanderDate  Command
RNA/Capt. Bockett-Pugh, Ian Hamilton, DSO, RN29 Aug 1944  
RNCdr. Bryant, Benjamin, DSO, DSC, RN6 Jul 1943  
RNCapt. Bush, Eric Wheeler, DSO, DSC, RN14 Nov 1944  

RNLt.Cdr. Cayley, Richard Douglas, DSO, RN12 May 1942  
RNLt.Cdr. Crouch, Cecil Bernard, DSO, RN29 Jun 1943  

RNCdr. Dewhurst, Ronald Hugh, DSO, RN7 Oct 1941  

RNCdr. Gibbs, Edward Albert, DSO, RN22 Dec 1942  HMS Pathfinder (G 10)
RNCdr. Gretton, Peter William, DSO, DSC, OBE, RN18 Apr 1944  

RNCapt. Hutton, Reginald Maurice James, DSO, RN21 Dec 1943  HMS Tyne (F 24)

RNCdr. MacIntyre, Donald George Frederick Wyville, DSO, RN7 Sep 1943  HMS Hesperus (H 57)
RNLt. Martin, Desmond Samuel Royce, DSO, RN2 Nov 1943  HMS Terrapin (P 323)
RNCapt. Micklethwait, St. John Aldrich, DSO, RN8 Sep 1942  HMS Sikh (F 82)

RNCapt. Oliver, Geoffrey Nigel, DSO, RN14 Nov 1944  
RNCdr. Onslow, Richard George, DSO, RN1 Dec 1942  HMS Ashanti (F 51)

RNLt.Cdr. Pumphrey, Edward Nigel, DSO, DSC, RN6 Jul 1943  HMS Goathland (L 27)

RNRear-Admiral Vian, Philip Louis, DSO, RN14 Oct 1941  

RNCapt. Walker, Frederick John, DSO, RN22 Feb 1944  HMS Starling (U 66)
RNLt.Cdr. Wanklyn, Malcolm David, VC, DSO, RN25 Aug 1942  
RNCdr. White, Richard Taylor, DSO, RN22 Dec 1942  HMS Hyacinth (K 84)
RNLt.Cdr. Woodward, Edward Arthur, DSO, RN4 May 1943  

20 commanders listed with this decoration.

Note: This listing is still being compiled and some recipients might be missing.

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