Fighting the U-boats

Allied Ships & Navies

Allied Warships

The K XIV class submarine HNMS K XVII of the Royal Dutch Navy. She was lost on 21 Dec 1941.

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Royal Navy

From the start of the war the Royal Navy had to shoulder the burden of fending off the U-boats.

US Navy

Already during the summer of 1941 the USN was escorting convoys and attacking U-boats. These pages include the Coast Guard.

Royal Canadian Navy

The RCN provided a critial part of the convoy system. Its victories and losses are covered here.

Royal Australian Navy

The RAN took place in the distant Battle of the Atlantic, sinking one U-boat.

Cooperation between Allied Navies
So, how did the partnership work out?

Escort vessels

Destroyers, Frigates, Destroyer escorts, Sloops, Corvettes and all the other vessels charged with defending the convoys and the sea lanes.

Escort Carriers

  Hunter-Killer groups
  Escort Carrier development
  The story of USS Bogue
  The story of USS Guadalcanal

Other Navies

  Polish naval forces
  Dutch naval forces
  Greek naval forces
  Soviet Naval forces
  Norwegian naval forces
  Free French Navy
  Indian Navy
  South African Navy

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Convoy Commodores
Merchant vessels