Fighting the U-boats

Escort Carriers

USS Guadalcanal

The history of a Casablanca class escort carrier in the Battle of the Atlantic.

prepared by Don Baker

1 - Commissioning USS Guadalcanal

Construction and commission.

2 - Training for Battle

The ship and crew finish their preparations for battle, make the first landing etc.

3 - The first ASW Cruise

The ups and downs of the maiden patrol

- Night Flying Initiated

Captain Gallery became the first CVE commander to successfully try night flying operations.

- The U-505 Episode

Capture of U-505, the final patrols and her final fate.

USS Guadalcanal CVE-60


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Rear Admiral Daniel V. Gallery, USN
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Chicago, 1956

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Naval Institute Press
Annapolis, Maryland

USS Guadalcanal Memory Log
Private Printing

USS Guadalcanal Deck Logs
National Archives, Washington, DC

Personal Records of the Author

Allied Navies