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Silver Star

Silver Star

The Silver Star can be awarded to any member of the United States Armed Forces.

It is lower ranked than the Navy Distinguished Service Medal for US navy personnel.

CommanderDate  Command
USNAdkins, James Alvin, USN1 Jan 1942  
USNLt. Andrews, Charles Herbert, USN1 Jan 1942  

USNBlakely, Edward Noe, USN1 Jan 1942  

USNT/Cdr. Corwin, John Thomas, USNDec 1943  
USNLt.Cdr. Cutter, Slade Deville, USN   USS Seahorse (304)
USNLt.Cdr. Cutter, Slade Deville, USN   USS Seahorse (304)

USNHauck, Philip Frederick, USNJan 1943  

USNLt.Cdr. Kefauver, Russell, USN1943  USS Tambor (198)
USNKefauver, Russell, USN1942  

USNMcGivern, Charles Francis, USNFeb 1943  
USNMcGivern, Charles Francis, USN1943  

USNT/Cdr. Peters, Jr., Francis Marion, USN1 Oct 1944  

USNT/Cdr. Sampson, Robert Roy, USN1 Jan 1945  USS J. William Ditter (DM 31)
USNT/Cdr. Sands, Eugene Thomas, USN1943  USS Sawfish (276)

USNLt.Cdr. Williams, Jr., Robert Russell, USNFall 1944  USS Finback (230)

Note: This listing is still being compiled and some recipients might be missing.

For US officers the date listed is usually the date of the action worthy of the award - not the award date itself.

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