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DepartureArrival / FateDuration
27 Dec 1941Lorient25 Feb 1942Lorient61 days


Officers *

KrvKpt. Ernst Kals

Oblt. Hans Möglich

Ltn. Eberhard Zimmermann

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Attacks on U-130 during this patrol

18 Jan 1942
Following an unsuccessful nighttime attack on a fast merchantman off Nova Scotia, the boat was nearly lost when surprised on the surface by two Canadian "destroyers" at about 01.20 hrs. One of them tried to ram, and passed only 10 metres astern of U-130, which immediately crash-dived. Iced-up diesel air intake valves caused 8 tons of water to enter the boat, which hit the bottom at a depth of 48 metres (157 ft). Luckily the warships dropped no depth charges, perhaps due to their equipment also being frozen. The Germans managed to pump the water out and the boat later headed southwards into warmer seas. (Sources: KTB U-130)

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