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Patrol info for U-625

DepartureArrival / FateDuration
15 Nov 1943Trondheim2 Jan 1944*died at sea*49 days
2 Jan 1944*at sea*6 Jan 1944Brest5 days
54 days
Sometimes patrols were split into several 'legs', for resupply and other matters.


Officers *

Oblt. Kurt Sureth

Patrol description
I.WO Sureth took over command of U-625 after Hans Benker was lost overboard during a crash dive in an air attack.

Daily positions, sinkings and allied attacks during the patrol of U-625


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We have 53 daily positions for the 54 days U-625 was at sea.

Wolfpack operations during this patrol

U-625 operated with the following Wolfpacks during this patrol
   Coronel (4 Dec 1943 - 8 Dec 1943)
   Coronel 1 (8 Dec 1943 - 14 Dec 1943)
   Coronel 2 (14 Dec 1943 - 17 Dec 1943)
   Föhr (18 Dec 1943 - 23 Dec 1943)
   Rügen 6 (23 Dec 1943 - 28 Dec 1943)

Ships hit by U-625 during this patrol

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General Events during this patrol

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Attacks on U-625 during this patrol

2 Jan 1944
2138hrs, Bay of Biscay, inbound: a British Liberator aircraft (224 Sqn RAF/G, pilot P/O J.E. Edwards) made a Leigh Light attack. U-625 initially opened fire with the AA guns, and a hit was scored on the port side of the aircraft, wounding the radio operator with shrapnel, but the boat then began to dive. Her commander, Kptlt. Hans Benker countermanded the order to dive so that he and one of the crew could recover the Naxos radar warning device, but the dive continued, causing both men to drown. (Sources: Blair, Clay)

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* These are officers that later became commanders themselves.

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