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DepartureArrival / FateDuration
7 Jul 1943La Pallice11 Aug 1943Lost36 days


Officers *

Oblt. Klemens Schamong

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We have 26 daily positions for the 36 days U-468 was at sea.

Departure from La Pallice on 7 Jul 1943.
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Sunk on 11 Aug 1943.

Wolfpack operations during this patrol

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   Without name (11 Jul 1943 - 29 Jul 1943)

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Attacks on U-468 during this patrol

11 Aug 1943
The sinking of U-468
Aircraft attack, aircraft shot down:
British B-24 Liberator BZ832 (200 Sqn RAF/D, pilot F/O L.A. Trigg, RNZAF).

0945hrs, southwest of Dakar: despite being hit by flak several times and set on fire, the aircraft continued the attack and dropped six depth charges to port, then crashed into the sea, killing the crew of eight. Two depth charges fell very close, causing devastating damage to the stern of the U-boat, which sank rapidly shortly afterwards. Less than half of the crew managed to abandon ship, many being injured or poisoned by chlorine gas, and most drowned or died from exhaustion or shark attack. Only the commander and six others survived, having managed to reach a rubber dinghy that floated free from the aircraft wreck, and later being picked up by HMS Clarkia on 13 August.

The Liberator pilot, F/O Lloyd Trigg RNZAF, who sank U-468 but perished with his entire crew in doing so, was awarded the Victoria Cross based solely on the testimony of officers from the U-boat, including the commander, Oblt Klemens Schamong. This was the only instance in the war of a statement from the enemy resulting in the award of such a high decoration. F/O Trigg pressed home his attack even though his aircraft was on fire and flying extremely low, an example of extraordinary bravery.

(Sources: Franks/Zimmerman)

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