WWII U-boat Successes

Ships hit by U-38

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Please note that in the table below you can find a 'Map' column. This helps to find that particular attack on the map below.

Date Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. ConvoyMap
6 Sep 1939Heinrich Liebe Manaar7,242brA
11 Sep 1939Heinrich Liebe Inverliffey9,456brB
7 Dec 1939Heinrich Liebe Thomas Walton4,460brC
11 Dec 1939Heinrich Liebe Garoufalia4,708grD
13 Dec 1939Heinrich Liebe Deptford4,101brE
9 Mar 1940Heinrich Liebe Leukos216irF
17 Mar 1940Heinrich Liebe Argentina5,375daG
21 Mar 1940Heinrich Liebe Algier1,654daH
21 Mar 1940Heinrich Liebe Christiansborg3,270daI
26 Mar 1940Heinrich Liebe Cometa3,794nwJ
2 Apr 1940Heinrich Liebe Signe1,540fiHN-23AK
14 Jun 1940Heinrich Liebe Mount Myrto5,403grL
15 Jun 1940Heinrich Liebe Italia9,973nwHX-47M
15 Jun 1940Heinrich Liebe Erik Boye2,238caHX-47N
20 Jun 1940Heinrich Liebe Tilia Gorthon1,776swO
21 Jun 1940Heinrich Liebe Luxembourg5,809beP
22 Jun 1940Heinrich Liebe Neion5,154grQ
7 Aug 1940Heinrich Liebe Mohamed Ali El-Kebir7,527brR
11 Aug 1940Heinrich Liebe Llanfair4,966brSL-41S
31 Aug 1940Heinrich Liebe Har Zion2,508brOB-205T
1 Oct 1940Heinrich Liebe Highland Patriot14,172brU
17 Oct 1940Heinrich Liebe Aenos3,554grSC-7V
18 Oct 1940Heinrich Liebe Carsbreck (d.)3,670brSC-7W
19 Oct 1940Heinrich Liebe Matheran7,653brHX-79X
19 Oct 1940Heinrich Liebe Bilderdijk6,856nlHX-79Y
27 Dec 1940Heinrich Liebe Waiotira12,823brZ
31 Dec 1940Heinrich Liebe Valparaiso3,760swHX-97
4 May 1941Heinrich Liebe Japan5,230swOB-310
5 May 1941Heinrich Liebe Queen Maud4,976brOB-309
23 May 1941Heinrich Liebe Berhala6,622nlOB-318
24 May 1941Heinrich Liebe Vulcain4,362brOB-317
29 May 1941Heinrich Liebe Tabaristan6,251br
30 May 1941Heinrich Liebe Empire Protector6,181br
31 May 1941Heinrich Liebe Rinda6,029nw
8 Jun 1941Heinrich Liebe Kingston Hill7,628br
18 Aug 1941Heinrich Schuch Longtaker1,700pa

35 ships sunk (188,967 tons) and 1 ship damaged (3,670 tons).

We have a picture of this vessel.
(d.) means the ship was damaged.

Note on map. U-38 sank or damaged 36 Allied ships. Our map markers only have 26 labels (A-Z) at this time. This is why some of the markers have no label but otherwise work just fine. The markers are sorted by date, the first 26 successes have labels. This only affects about 20 of the most successful U-boats.

In some cases the exact positions of losses are not known, those are not shown.
In other cases the posititions are too close and the markers overlap, not much we can do about that.

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