WWII U-boat Successes

Ships hit by U-38

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Date Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. ConvoyMap
6 Sep 1939Heinrich Liebe Manaar7,242brA
11 Sep 1939Heinrich Liebe Inverliffey9,456brB
7 Dec 1939Heinrich Liebe Thomas Walton4,460brC
11 Dec 1939Heinrich Liebe Garoufalia4,708grD
13 Dec 1939Heinrich Liebe Deptford4,101brE
9 Mar 1940Heinrich Liebe Leukos216irF
17 Mar 1940Heinrich Liebe Argentina5,375daG
21 Mar 1940Heinrich Liebe Algier1,654daH
21 Mar 1940Heinrich Liebe Christiansborg3,270daI
26 Mar 1940Heinrich Liebe Cometa3,794nwJ
2 Apr 1940Heinrich Liebe Signe1,540fiHN-23AK
14 Jun 1940Heinrich Liebe Mount Myrto5,403grL
15 Jun 1940Heinrich Liebe Italia9,973nwHX-47M
15 Jun 1940Heinrich Liebe Erik Boye2,238caHX-47N
20 Jun 1940Heinrich Liebe Tilia Gorthon1,776swO
21 Jun 1940Heinrich Liebe Luxembourg5,809beP
22 Jun 1940Heinrich Liebe Neion5,154grQ
7 Aug 1940Heinrich Liebe Mohamed Ali El-Kebir7,527brR
11 Aug 1940Heinrich Liebe Llanfair4,966brSL-41S
31 Aug 1940Heinrich Liebe Har Zion2,508brOB-205T
1 Oct 1940Heinrich Liebe Highland Patriot14,172brU
17 Oct 1940Heinrich Liebe Aenos3,554grSC-7V
18 Oct 1940Heinrich Liebe Carsbreck (d.)3,670brSC-7W
19 Oct 1940Heinrich Liebe Matheran7,653brHX-79X
19 Oct 1940Heinrich Liebe Bilderdijk6,856nlHX-79Y
27 Dec 1940Heinrich Liebe Waiotira12,823brZ
31 Dec 1940Heinrich Liebe Valparaiso3,760swHX-97
4 May 1941Heinrich Liebe Japan5,230swOB-310
5 May 1941Heinrich Liebe Queen Maud4,976brOB-309
23 May 1941Heinrich Liebe Berhala6,622nlOB-318
24 May 1941Heinrich Liebe Vulcain4,362brOB-317
29 May 1941Heinrich Liebe Tabaristan6,251br
30 May 1941Heinrich Liebe Empire Protector6,181br
31 May 1941Heinrich Liebe Rinda6,029nw
8 Jun 1941Heinrich Liebe Kingston Hill7,628br
18 Aug 1941Heinrich Schuch Longtaker1,700pa

35 ships sunk (188,967 tons) and 1 ship damaged (3,670 tons).

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(d.) means the ship was damaged.

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