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Unrestricted Warfare

How a New Breed of Officers Led the Submarine Force to Victory in World War II

By DeRose, James F.
2000, John Wiley & Sons
ISBN 047138495X
Hardcover, 320 pages

Descripton: From Booklist: Focuses on officers associated with the legendary USS Wahoo. Headed by Dudley W. Morton and his executive officer, Richard O'Kane, they included George Grider, author of the classic Warfish (1958), and Roger Paine, DeRose's principal informant.[...] Some of the material DeRose presents will be familiar to all but naval-history novices, but by drawing on oral history and untapped Japanese sources, DeRose adds considerably to readily available knowledge on his subject.

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Allied Warship Commanders. Morton
Allied Warship Commanders. O'Kane
Allied Warships. USS Wahoo

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