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French Battleships 1933-1970

An Illustrated Technical Reference

By Wayne Scarpaci
2009, CreateSpace
ISBN 1448626072
Paperback, 100 pages


This volume is a complete, technical reference which covers all French Battleship types, of the Prewar, World War II, and Early Cold War eras of 1933-1970. The book is illustrated 32 full color original paintings, 58 new line drawings, and 237 photographs. Featured are a Chronology of WWII, illustrated sections on Radar and Fire Control, Aviation, and Camouflage. This book includes sections on Courbet through Richelieu class ships. It has fully illustrated sections on the Normandie and Lyon class ships of 1914 ( Including the aircraft carrier conversion Bearn). As well as the Gascogne and Alsace class ships of 1940. The information contained within this volume has hereto, only been available across a wide spectrum of reference sources. It is now available for the first time, under one set of book covers.

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Allied Warships. FR Bretagne
Allied Warships. FR Courbet
Allied Warships. FR Jean Bart
Allied Warships. FR Lorraine
Allied Warships. FR Paris
Allied Warships. FR Provence
Allied Warships. FR Richelieu
Allied Warship Class. Bretagne
Allied Warship Class. Courbet
Allied Warship Class. Richelieu

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