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German Submarine Warfare 1914-1918 in the Eyes of British Intelligence

By Koerver, Hans Joachim
2010, LIS Reinisch
ISBN 3902433795
786 pages


The book is completely based on British Admiralty WWI sources from the National Archives, Kew, UK: prisoner statements, Intelligence analysis, deciphered W/T, reports of sunken ships. It offers an incredible amount of detail about German Submarine Warfare 1914-1918: the technical design of the German submarines, their officers and men, their tactics, their cruises, their victims and their opponents.

Everything you need to know about the first submarine war and its theatres of war spreading from the US East Coast to the Mediterranean and from the Arctic to West Africa, about food and life on board, the careers of ordinary sailors, petty officers and officers, about aces like von Arnauld de la Periere with 500.000 BRT of ships sunk, about the German submarine construction program and the training of the crews.

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