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Opération Kiebitz

By Dugas, Jean-Guy
(Operation Kiebitz)
1992, Éditions Franc-Jeu, 461 boul Saint-Pierre Ouest, R.R. 2 Site 1 Bte 25, Caraquet, NB, Canada E0B 1K0, Tel.: +1 (506) 727-1992
ISBN 2921517000
85 pages
book is in French language

Descripton: Covers the story of an escape attempt masterminded by the late Kplt. Otto Kretschmer (U-99), while in captivity at the POW camp Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada, in September 1943. The plan, nicknamed "Operation Kiebitz," involved four U-boat officers: Kretschmer, Oblt. Hans Ey of U-433, Oblt. Horst Elfe of U-93 and a fellow named Knebel-Döneritz. U-536, under the command of Kplt. Rolf Schauenburg, was supposed to pick up the officers on the southern shore of the Bay of Chaleurs. After the unsuccessful attempt of Kretschmer's group, another U-boat commander, Kplt. Wolfgang Heyda (former CO of U-434) tried and succeeded in escaping from Bowmanville. After a 1400 km trek, Heyda was captured just before getting to Schauenburg's boat in Maisonnette, New Brunswick.