Scuttled U-boats, May 1945

Scuttled U-boats - Walter type boats

U-7924 May 1945Oblt. Hans Diederich Duis
U-7934 May 1945Oblt. Friedrich Schmidt
U-7945 May 1945Oblt. (R) Philipp Becker
U-7953 May 1945Oblt. Horst Selle
U-14055 May 1945Oblt. (R) Wilhelm Rex
U-14065 May 1945Oblt. Werner Klug
U-14075 May 1945Oblt. Horst Heitz

U-798, 1408 and 1409 were also scuttled but none had been commissioned at the time and U-798 had not been launched.

The first Walter boat, V-80, was also scuttled, at Hela in May 1945.

All in all 11 Walter boats were scuttled in May 1945.

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