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The Convoy4 ships
First sightingOn
EscortsWhen leaving Casablanca:
US submarine chasers USS PC-474 and USS PC-482
Joining as reinforcements:
US submarine chasers USS PC-473, USS PC-480 and USS PC-481


The battle

On 25 Apr, 1943, the coastal convoy CG-29 left Casablanca consisting of three small merchants and two escorts and was joined off Fedala by a small tanker. Later that day, Rouennais struck a mine laid on 2 April by U-455 and sank. USS PC-482 picked up most survivors and returned to Casablanca. As it was initially assumed that the steamer was torpedoed, the convoy escort was reinforced by three submarine chasers of which USS PC-473 and USS PC-480 remained in the area carrying out an anti-submarine hunt, while the remaining ships of the convoy continued to Gibraltar.

Article compiled by Rainer Kolbicz

Ships hit from convoy CG-29

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat.Map
25 Apr 1943U-455Hans-Martin Scheibe Rouennais [Mine]3,777frA

1 ship sunk (3,777 tons).

[Mine] indicates the vessel was hit by a mine laid by said U-boat.

This was the only convoy on route CG hit by U-boats in the war.

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