Borkum 1

This Wolfpack operated from 3 Jan 1944 to 13 Jan 1944.

Notes: Borkum is a small German island in the North Sea.

U-boats involved with this Wolfpack were:

U-270Paul-Friedrich Otto3 Jan 19446 Jan 1944 A
U-305Rudolf Bahr3 Jan 194413 Jan 1944 B
U-382Rudolf Zorn3 Jan 194413 Jan 1944 C
3 boats.

Daily positions of Wolfpack Borkum 1

Ships hit by this Wolfpack

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
7 Jan 1944U-305Rudolf Bahr HMS Tweed (K 250)1,370br

1 ship sunk (1,370 tons).

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