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The Running Devil - U-552

This emblem first appeared on U-57 under the command of Kptlt. Claus Korth. There were two variants: a devil with a torch, and a devil netting a small boat with Winston Churchill on board (designed by the WO Oblt. z. See von Hartmann). Erich Topp took over the red devil and made him famous, displaying him on U-57, U-552 and U-2513.

Topp wrote of: "The two dancing red devils carrying the torches of life and of destruction."

Kptlt. Werner Klug was an officer on U-552, and later used the red devils on U-794 and U-1406.

Keywords: running devil, red, torch

5 U-boats displayed this emblem
U-57, U-552, U-794, U-1406 and U-2513.

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U-boat Emblems