Further Information

Here I attempt to compile a list of sources of further information about the U-boat War, naval matters, military history or related subjects. I welcome your comments as always as I am quite certain that I have not found every source of solid information there is.

Traditional means

This is the old-fashioned pre-Internet method that is, amazingly enough :), still very common for information scouting. This includes fax, letters, books, TV, radio and archives, face-to-face meetings.

Deutsches U-Boot Museum-Archiv

This is probably the best source of information on U-boat info in the world, they document fates of all U-boats (at least in WWII and perhaps also of WWI) and can provide information on U-boat personnel today among other things. This bureau is totally closed during January and February every year.

The Web

I am writing a page on some of the best military pages out there so if you know of an excellent source then please e-mail me. Note that I will only list the very best sources on the Web here.

Mailing lists


This is a very active group of about 300-400 people which include World War Two veterans, historians, reenactors and experts in almost all fields of that era. A very good list which I have been a member of for about 2 years. If you subscribe you will receive about 20-30 letters daily (on very hot topics you can see triple that easily :). To subscribe simply click on the "WWII-L" above and leave the subject line empty and put

subscribe WWII-L <your name>
in the body of the message.


This one covers our entire military history. Not quite as active as WWII-L but still a good list. I am not sure about the current amount of daily mail on this list (You may e-mail me your estimate if you are a member). Subscription is achieved by following the same method as for the WWII-L list.



This newsgroup has a very wide scope but a good portion of the traffic is WWII-related (Iowa versus Yamamoto etc) and some of that is U-boat related as well.


This covers all fields of World War Two with some naval info but little U-boat stuff but still a good group.


This one is interesting, here they cover topics such as Could Germany have won the war? and What if no Pearl Harbour attack?, etc.