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11 May 2005
I speak only as an amateur but very enthusiastic English surfer. This is, without doubt, the most complete and professional website that I have ever seen. The time, devotion, and just sheer enthusiasm is without compare. Thank you.
  Julie Taylor

12 Aug 1997
As a teacher, historian, and collector of Kriegsmarine militaria, I was more than excited when I discovered U-Boat Net. I find your site accurate, highly researched, detailed, and most of all brilliant. I refer to this site almost daily, and consider it as valuable as any reference book. If I could I would present you Gudmundur, and your staff with the Ritterkreuz. Keep up the good work.
  Jody Beltram

21 Oct 1999
I would just I am very pleased with the quality of your work, I´ve been interested for the WWII for several years on a small scala, but it is seldom that you see the quality of work and commitment as you have shown. Keep up the good work.
  Martin Rasmussen

16 Oct 2000
One of the best site sites on the net. As an avid but new reader on the subject of the u-boats, this is a great site to piece bits and pieces together from various literary sources. Keep it up.
  Keith Smith

17 Apr 1999
I have NEVER seen such a well organised website anywhere else. This is superb and you should take great pride in it.
  Charles Gruchy

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