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6 Feb 2000
Your site is fantastic. I just came across it accidently when running an Internet search for something else. My hope is that your work will continue and that more people interested in World War Two and naval affairs will find out about this marvelous store of information.
  Robert C Carlson

19 Nov 1998
When I discovered your net I was hooked and have been visiting it every day. Keep up the wonderful work!
  Javier Rubio

15 Oct 1997
Like many people my first insight to the bravery and hardships of U boat crews came from watching Das Boot. Since then I have been interested to learn more about this aspect of the German war effort and have found your site very rewarding. It is superbly created even though not yet complete and also very entertaining too.
  Nigel Williams

21 Oct 1999
Congratulations on your web site. It is the finest source of information on the U-boat war that I know of. Keep up the good work!
  Jeff Burr

8 Oct 1999
A Big Bravo Zulu
I have been a regular visitor to your site since I went on line 2 years ago. I have surfed through hundred, perhaps thousands of internet sites but never have I seen such attention to detail or effort put into a service such as yours.

In these cynical times the sacrifice of the fighting men of all nations of both sides in WW2 cannot and must not be forgotten. Your site performs a valuable service in this regard and although dedicated to those who were my ancestors enemies, makes me glad that we are now friends and allies.

I'm sure you're aware of the significance of the Bravo Zulu in the heading and for the service that you have provided the internet community, it is well earned.
  Christopher D. Comars

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