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18 Sep 1997
Contributing to history-awareness, duty irrespective of nationalism, up to best internet standards. We have been watching your page since the beginning and are happy about your continued improvements.
  Gabor Fabricius

7 Sep 1997
I am quite impressed by the quality of the site. It is, indeed, the kind of stuff that makes the Net one of the more interesting technologies around. Your site is well conceived, easy to navigate (no pun intended), graphically worthwhile; in short, I will recommend this site to whomever says that personnal pages and the like are a plague on the internet.

Keep up the (very) good work!
  Mario Cantin

19 Oct 1997
Just found your site AGAIN. I am surprised at the information you have and have spent the better part of the night (3 hours) on it. Please try to find some insignia for the boats if you can. Thanks.

9 Mar 1999
When I got Internet access two years ago your page was the very first one that I bookmarked. For a World War II ship modeller it is one of the most valuable reference sources. It is nice to see that it is growing better every year. Congratulations for such a great and detailed work.
  Paulo Roberto B. Basto da Silva

29 Feb 2004
You must have put in a LOT of work to compile all this information. Impressive work. And the site is well made, too ! You have every reason to be proud of the result. Antwerp

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