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11 Jul 1999
I am an avid fan/follower of WWII facts, stories and recovery of armaments/artifacts. About two years ago I had been searching the internet for information on u-boots and I came to your site and was quite impressed by your work . Now, I decided to investigate again and was glad to rediscover your tremendous site. It is always a pleasure to encounter web sites such as yours that demonstrate the incredible amount of data available on the Internet. Once again I would like to thank you for a great job and hope to see more of it. If you were to charge a fee to gain access to your data I would gladly be in favour, as this would probably be only a minor recompense for the very time consuming and exhausting work you have performed. Thanks again.
  Louis Pico

24 Apr 2000
I really would like to congratulate you on your great site. It is very rare to find a WWII site that doesn't start to be tendencious for one side or another, and stays close to the real facts and history instead of propaganda.
  Christian Maciel

9 May 1999
I wish to forward my congratulations on your amazing web site. Having served on Oberon class submarines in the Royal Australian Navy (First Australian Submarine Squadron, 1980-1984, 1985-1989), I am very impressed with the ease of which I can gain information on U Boat history from your site. You and your crew are to be commended on the structure, layout and information made available not only to people that have served in submarines but also to people that have an interest in the life of submariners and submarines throughout the world. I visit your site at every available opportunity and hope that you will keep up the excellent work.
  Ray Higgs

3 May 2000
Received your URL from a cyber buddy and found it very informative and comprehensive in its data. Only one thing wrong, I opened it at about 3 am in the morning and couldn't stop linking through it until about an hour and 1/2 later. A "red eye" morning for me because of doing so.

Enjoyed it very much, and will put it to my favorites so I can come back often. Hopefully, at a more opertune time of the day.
  Jon Kelbaugh

27 Sep 1999
Absolutely fantastic and a precious help for any searcher, historian or writer! is definitely no 1. on the matter.
  Yves Dufeil

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