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27 Dec 1997
I am writing to tell you that your page is the best ever assembled. I am an avid U-boat fan and your page has given me everything I have needed to model my IXC/40 U-boat. The history of my boat the U-534 was found in your archives. In case your wondering I'm only 18 so all the kids who think this is an "old people page" think again.
  C.S Houlihan

19 Jun 2000
As someone who loves history I have a great intrest in the Kriegsmarine. I love the detail you have put into the site even being to hear from a great like Erich Topp. I look forward to accesing your site again.

31 Jul 1999
Hello, I would like to say first that I have thoroughly enjoyed this site, as my time and skills improve, I will be able to read it all.
  Bill Thomson

13 Mar 1998
I have been compiling information about WW II and in particular the U-boats since I was a teen. This amounts to approximately 30 years. Your site has filled in all of the gaps and omissions my research has in all of those years left un-filled. There seems very little that I can add. Thank you for it all.
  T. White

12 Feb 2000
I stumbled onto your site 2 years ago by accident and check in weekly. I am so taken by the stories that I have passed on your web site to many, many others. Keep up the good work. Your site is the number 1 spot on my bookmarks.
  Dick Downey

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