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16 Apr 2000
U-boat Net is a shining example of the best of the Internet. I usually come to your site to reference a particular piece of information and invariably stay on for hours.

The content and presentation are absolutely first class and should be considered a tribute to the men that fought the Battle of the Atlantic - on both sides. Your technical and build data is excellent. I would certainly like to continue to reference this site many years from now.
  Ron Good

9 Aug 2000
Your site is magnificent, and it has answered a question I have had for over 30 yrs. In the spring of 1970, my ship the USS CHEWAUCAN (AOG-50) frequently took on fuel in Cartagena, Spain. We would berth forward of what I swore was an old U-boat. It appeared deserted and was fenced off from wandering amateur historians like myself. However, I have always wondered about the U-boat, and now thanks to your site, I am almost certain it was the U-573 (however, it did seem to be a little smaller than a VIIC boat -- but what do I know?). Thanks again for solving this old mystery.
  Ed Perry

10 Nov 2000
I have just recently this year viewed the movie das boot the directors cut. I found it to be a most excellent movie, althought i saw it a little late, since its release. I developed a interest in u boats and have found your site to be the best on the boats there crews and such. Outstanding site.
  Mike Clancy

6 Sep 1998
Gudmunder we have been in touch recently and I just want to add my congratulations on the professionalism of your website. As a retired RCN Officer and A/S Specialist the information contained in this site is absolutely superb. I seem to refer to it daily and so enjoy each visit. Many thanks for your great effort.
  Phil Booth

4 Aug 1999
I just wanted to drop a line and say that I´m very impressed by this site. Being interested in the WW II era I browse a lot and when I found this site I was busy for days. Keep up the good work and good luck in the future. I will definitely keep visiting every now and then.
Best wishes.
  Toni Canfora

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