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26 Aug 2002
It's an outstanding job you did! Congratulations!.
  Irmgard Patterson

30 Jan 1999
Great site. Did my thesis for my doctorate on the undersee boat development. It is fantastic to finally see a no garbage site, i.e. there is gold in them there boats, but just deals in great facts. Keep up the great work.
  Grigg Miller

19 Jun 2000
As someone who loves history I have a great intrest in the Kriegsmarine. I love the detail you have put into the site even being to hear from a great like Erich Topp. I look forward to accesing your site again.

14 Jun 2000

Like so many, I grew up during WWII. Submarines have always been a fascination, and your site gives great attention to detail, in every facet of this unique form of vessel and warfare. Like many of your supporters, I have respect, admiration, and almost a reverence, for those men of all nations who served aboard submarines. Their courage transcends political and military dogma.

Thank you for the best site on the World Wide Web.
  Gerald E. Dexter

17 Nov 1997
I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to your very interesting pages about the submarines. You wouldn`t find more information in any books about submarines!

Create more of this brilliant webs!!
  Matthias Hess

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