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30 Mar 1999
Everytime I come to this site I am impressed. It is one of the best military history sites on the net.

1 Feb 1999
Thank you for a fascinating Web Site. I can spend hours on your web site and have finally made it my home page. Keep up the good work.
  Steve Blair

21 Oct 1999
Congratulations on your web site. It is the finest source of information on the U-boat war that I know of. Keep up the good work!
  Jeff Burr

31 Mar 2000
What an absolutely brilliant site. After hearing about this new movie U-571, I wondered about the real U-571. I did a search and found your site and now I know. Thank you so much. Congratulations the is really brilliant and so comprehensive, I will definitely be back to read some more, it's fascinating stuff. Thanks again.
  J. Anderson

4 Jan 2003
An excellent site on the U boat operations.Very well researched & detailed. I enjoy this site very much.

I'm sure it will only get better as you keep adding to your database.
  Stewart Thompson

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