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26 Aug 2002
It's an outstanding job you did! Congratulations!.
  Irmgard Patterson

23 Sep 1999
This has got to be the most complete and informational website that I have ever seen on the Net. I am fascinated by U-Boots and have some quite detailed information, but nothing that approaches the information you have. What you have, is essentially an on-line archive. This is what the web should be about. Most sites are only "ticklers" of information. You have more information to access than if I travelled to a museum.

2 Jun 1999
A superb job-UBoat net
I recently found your U-boat page. It is refreshing to read and find information on the uboat war that isn't tainted with a "one sided" view or "anti-German" propaganda. Your book review page I find enlightening, fresh and I base my choices on your reviews, many I found to be very accurate in my opinion. My wife rolls her eyes when I want to log on to your site because she knows she has lost me for the rest of the evening. Anyway keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing all the work you are putting into the this _Great_ web page!!
  Brian Morse

31 Jul 2005

Through your channels I now know precisely what happened to the SS Oakdene. She was sunk by U-105 in the South Atlantic. My interest involves my father who served on the Oakdene. All in all, a fascinating story of a bitter war at sea!

Best regards and thanks for your research.

  Brian Andrews

2 Jan 1998
Having spent a number of years in the U.S. Navy Diesel Submarine service I can appreciate your U-Boat site more than most people.
  Chuck Franklin

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