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21 Dec 1997
Your site is the most educational and informative site I have ever visited. Since seeing the movie "Das Boot" I have become interested in U-boats.
  Shawn Malone

3 May 2000
Received your URL from a cyber buddy and found it very informative and comprehensive in its data. Only one thing wrong, I opened it at about 3 am in the morning and couldn't stop linking through it until about an hour and 1/2 later. A "red eye" morning for me because of doing so.

Enjoyed it very much, and will put it to my favorites so I can come back often. Hopefully, at a more opertune time of the day.
  Jon Kelbaugh

25 Apr 2000
The best information thay I have seen on U-boats and the brave crews this has been an eye opener to me, keep up the good work, this site is added to my favorites.
  Roger Blyth

5 Jul 2000
Just finished reading Lone Wolf by Timothy Mulligan about U boat ace Werner Henke. Your site is a wealth of information and made reading the book all the more enjoyable.

19 Jul 1997
I frequently consult your website when conducting research in anti-submarine warfare (ASW). I am an ASW expert in the US Navy, and captain of our Navy's newest destroyer, USS DECATUR (DDG 73).

During a search of your database, I was surprised to see a reference to KptLt. Helmut Knollmann. He was the captain of U-1273 when it was lost in Bergenfjord.

It is good of you to share this information on the web.
  Commander Michael G. Knollmann, USN

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