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19 Nov 1997
Gudmundur, I am simply amazed at your the site you have put together. I don't believe I have seen a better site like this on the Web. The wealth of information, photos, and diagrams is staggering. I truly enjoy visiting your site. I hope the Commanders Interview section continues, it is great to hear the stories first hand from those brave men who served in the U-boats. Keep up the good work.
  John D. Colony
USN Retired

30 Dec 1997
Thank you for your web site, as a sea lover I have always found great admiration for the people who fought there, especially under water. [...] Your work has taught me a lot about the U-boats and the people who served in them. Once again thank you for your hard and very informative work.
  Rene Cuadras

18 Aug 1999
Complimenti !!!

24 Apr 1998
I have always been fascinated with subs. I served in Vietnam and saw some of the last diesel subs in service between 1965 and 1969. Never served on a sub but have been on board everyone I can find. Love the I have incredible respect for every sailor who served on a sub, no matter what nation or navy. Please keep up the good work. I visit often.
  Jon T Haydon

26 Oct 2000
I wish to thank you. You have made my father's visit to my house a very memorable one. He has always said that he had a relative who was named Wolfgang Luth who was a uboat commander and the story he told me was very similar to what we found on your web-site, so thank you very much for this information.

Sincerely yours,
  Soren Lyth

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