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29 May 1998
I think your site is most informative. Your attention to detail is amazing. I have learned much from the histories that you supply.

As an old Navy man, I remember the highest praise we could receive from our skipper was "Well Done". You have earned that also with your web site. Sincerely,
  Dick Comerford

22 Apr 1999
Excellent site
Like many other comments I keep on returning to your site not only because my father was on the Scharnhorst then transferred to U-517 [...]. Keep up the excellent work.
  Reiner Rieger

2 Dec 1997
I love your site!
Congratulations! This is the best U-boat site on the Internet. For the first time I can find ALL information about those magnificent men and machines of World War ll.
  Robert Sandels

9 Jan 1998
I like your site A LOT! It has helped me tremendously with my report on U-boats. Keep up the good work!
  Khris Miller

29 Nov 1998
I have just recently found your Web Page and I am extremely happy to use your web site as a reference page. I am a retired Senior Chief Submarine sailor from the U.S. Navy. Currently I am the editor for our United States Submarine Veterans News Letter in Minnesota call the Deep Dive News.

I have and will continue to use some of your data in our news letter. Please keep up the good work.
  Mike Kodluboy

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