I would like to begin by saying THANK YOU! to all the wonderful people that have taken their time to e-mail me with various pointers about I am still amazed at the success this modest site has received.

Welcome to, glad you could drop in :> You may wonder what this project is and why it is here and in the next few lines I will try to explain all that and more.

This project began quite some time ago when I started research for a historically accurate fiction that was to take place in the Second World War and focus heavily on the German U-boat arm. The book will likely never be written but I had this folder full of all kinds of information in formats that I've not seen elsewhere in publications. So I decided to put this on the Web, largely to fill a void that existed in U-boat coverage in that medium.

Now as I write this, has brought out a small but fantastic crew of writers and contributors. Without these folks this site would be far, far from where it is now. With their help I plan to make these pages the very best there are.

My objective with this project is to make it a top quality reference about the U-boat arm with maximum accuracy and a very wide scope. In order to achieve that goal must depend on YOU in many ways; error reporting, ideas, information and so on. If we all chip in together this will be a web page to make us all proud within months!

- Gudmundur Helgason.