uboat.net - How you can help

Thanks for reading this page. There are 3 main ways you can assist uboat.net and help ensure its longevity.

1. You can help us trace mistakes on the site

This is very important and we have been blessed with hundreds of letters pointing out things that are either wrong (rare), somehow badly-worded or difficult-to-follow. Now, after more than 15 years, uboat.net is probably one of the better proof-read sources there are on the naval war during WWII.

But this daunting task must go on :) So if you see something you feel is strange don't hesitate to let us know.

2. You can contribute new material to the site

This is another thing you could assist us on. uboat.net is blessed with many very fine people on its "crew". However the area we are attempting to cover is rather vast and we surely could use your help. If you find something that you could help us on to lacking from the site (or poorly done) then I'd love to hear from you.

3. You can purchase books through uboat.net

uboat.net is in Association with Amazon.com. This means is that from every sale derived from uboat.net we receive a modest commission (5-7%).

What I try to do is when I know of a book (mentioned on uboat.net) available on Amazon.com (or Amazon.de) I try to provide a "buy now" link to that book to ease your shopping and navigation.

Thus you can support uboat.net by ordering your books (the ones you planned on getting anyway) through links provided from our site. Another upshot of the affiliate deal is that any book you purchase through our links will serve us with that small commission (can be books on computers, cars, snowboards, new thrillers, anything).

In Association with Amazon.com

This helps us cover the monthly costs of running uboat.net and we'd be extremely grateful if you could assist us via method 3.

4. Google ads

We've also places Google ads on the site. This is now the primary means we have to pay for site upkeep (hosting costs and so on).