uboat.net in 2003

XHTML/CSS rewrite

In October 2003 a new template was installed on the entire site, replacing the older look. This was a major operation requiring something like 50-60 hours of work to accomplish (probably lot more).

The site has over 700 template files, each needed its own support files and so on. The complexity of this was getting too much.


This project was all about putting the entire site into XHTML and CSS layout. That meant first designing the layout and color schemes and then applying them while cleaning up the previous code to make it compliant with XHTML. The latter phase took much longer than the former and while it will never be really complete it's really well underway and the code is much simpler to read (both for the human and the browser).

All browsers should be capable of reading the material, although in older ones it will look wildly different, but again, still useable.

The site had to be fast, removing extra images that did nothing for the site itself. Code had to be clean (XHTML) and fast.

Some development facts

Such a development is rarely a solo job. The graphics were devised by my associate and friend Gunnar ?. Viglundsson (site) from Hugvit and myself.

The wonderful U-486 boat image at the top was generously provided by Mr. Morten Kutschera from the Norwegian company Arkikon (site). Gunnar and me then placed the image as we felt was best with the design.

- Gudmundur Helgason, Hafnarfjordur, Iceland - Nov 1, 2003