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British Steam merchant

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Type:Steam merchant
Tonnage1,354 tons
Completed1920 - Ailsa Shipbuilding Co, Ayr 
OwnerGeneral Steam Navigation Co Ltd, London 
Date of attack26 Sep 1941Nationality:      British
FateSunk by U-124 (Johann Mohr)
Position47° 40'N, 23° 28'W - Grid BE 4166
Complement32 (23 dead and 9 survivors).
RouteOporto - Bristol 
Cargo128 tons of general cargo and 275 tons of cork 
History Completed in November 1920 
Notes on event

At 02.34 hours on 26 September 1941 the Petrel (Master John William Klemp) in station #11 of convoy HG-73 was hit amidships by one torpedo from U-124 and sank by the bow north-northeast of the Azores.

After both ships ahead of her were torpedoed, the Lapwing in station #13 stopped and launched a lifeboat for rescue work. Among the survivors picked up were 17 men from Petrel, but only one survived when she was sunk by U-203 (M├╝tzelburg) at 06.34 hours and this man died of wounds in the lifeboat that picked him up again. Only the master, seven crew members and one passenger who had been picked up from a raft by the lifeboat of Lapwing survived, landing at Slyne Bay, Co. Galway on 9 October. 19 crew members, three gunners and one passenger (DBS) were lost.

The master John William Klemp was awarded the Lloyds War Medal for bravery at sea.

On boardWe have details of 26 people who were on board

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