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SKR-11 (No 70)

Soviet A/S trawler

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NameSKR-11 (No 70)
Type:A/S trawler
Tonnage557 tons
Completed1932 - Zavod No 190 (A. Zhdanov), Leningrad 
OwnerSoviet Navy 
Date of attack18 Oct 1941Nationality:      Soviet
FateSunk by U-132 (Ernst Vogelsang)
Position67° 33'N, 41° 08'E - Grid AW 2647
Complement40 (40 dead - no survivors)
History Launched in October 1931 and completed in 1932 as steam trawler RT-66 Ural for Sevgosrybtrest/NKRP, Murmansk. On 14 July 1941 requisitioned by the Soviet Navy, converted to the patrol vessel SKR-62 (No 70) and assigned to the Northern Fleet on 16 July. On 20 September 1941 renamed SKR-11 (No 70)
Notes on event

At 20.17 hours on 18 October 1941 U-132 fired one G7a torpedo at a steamer of about 1500 grt north of Mys Kachkovskij and reported a hit after 16 seconds and the subsequent sinking of the vessel within 30 seconds. The target must have been the SKR-11 (No 70), which was reported missing after the armed trawler did not return from patrol at the entrance to the White Sea and was presumed mined between 20 and 24 October 1941.


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