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Dutch Steam tanker

Type:Steam tanker
Tonnage2,580 tons
Completed1928 - Cantiere Federale per Construzione Navale Triestino, Monfalcone 
OwnerCuraçaosche Scheepvaart Mij., Emmastad 
Date of attack27 Jun 1940Nationality:      Dutch
FateSunk by U-47 (Günther Prien)
Position50° 11'N, 13° 15'W - Grid BE 3288
Complement32 (2 dead and 30 survivors).
RouteWillemstad, Curaçao (4 Jun) – Trinidad (8 Jun) – Falmouth 
Cargo2568 tons of fuel oil 
History Completed in January 1928 
Notes on event

At 17.05 hours on 27 June 1940 the unescorted and unarmed Leticia (Master Johan Jacobus ´t Gilde) was attacked by U-47 with gunfire about 150 miles west-southwest of Mizen Head, Ireland. The U-boat was only spotted astern when it opened fire from a distance of about 300 meters. The shelling killed the second engineer, seriously wounded the second mate in the left leg and slightly wounded the master on the right hand. Prien ceased fire after 20 minutes when the tanker stopped to allow the crew to abandon ship in both lifeboats, but an oiler fell overboard and drowned. After the lifeboats got clear the U-boat again shelled the Leticia until she sank in 50°09N/13°46W at 18.11 hours. The third engineer, fourth engineer and a stoker had failed to leave the ship and jumped overboard from the stern. They were picked up by U-47, given dry clothing and schnaps and placed in one of the lifeboats after being questioned. The third engineer had been asked if the name of the tanker was Lucita or Liseta. First aid materials, some sausages and wine were given to the survivors before the U-boat left the area. At sunset HMS Havelock (H 88) (Capt E.B.K. Stevens, DSC, RN) and HMS Hurricane (H 06) (LtCdr H.C. Simms, RN) spotted the lifeboats sailing for the coast of Ireland and the latter picked up the master and 29 crew members. They were landed at Plymouth in the evening of 30 June.

On boardWe have details of 32 people who were on board

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