Fighting the U-boats

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Destroyer Leaders

13 built

Displacement1850 tons
Armament 4 twin 5"
Depth charge throwers
2 or 3 quad 21" torpedo tube mounts
DetectionASDIC, Radar and HF/DF
Max speed37 knots

These large destroyers were designed as leaders for squadrons of the older FLUSH DECK class. These ships, built between 1935 and 1938, introduced the twin 5"/38 gun mounts which later became standard secondary armament for United States cruisers, battleships, and aircraft carriers. Four of these mounts proved too much for destroyers, however, and two mounts were removed (the B mount replaced by a single gun) to improve stability as new equipment was added during the war.

USS Moffett & USS Jouett share credit for sinking U-128 while patroling the South Atlantic with SOMERS, DAVIS & WINSLOW. No leaders were lost to U-boats. USS Porter was sunk by a Japanese submarine, and USS Warrington foundered in a Bahamas hurricane.

U-boats sunk by Benson-Livermore destroyers (at least partial credit):

Destroyer Leader destroyers lost to U-boats

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