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49 ships

The escort carrier USS Solomons (CVE 67) of the US Navy.

Technical information

TypeEscort carrier
Displacement10902 BRT 
Length490 feet 
Complement764 men 
Armament1 5"/38 DP gun.
8 40mm AA (4x2).
12 20mm AA. 27 aircraft. 
Max speed19 knots
EnginesReciprocating (VTE) engines 1 shaft 
Power9000 hp. 
Notes on class 

All ships of the Casablanca class

US Navy US Navy (more on US Navy)

USS Admiralty Islands (CVE 99)
USS Attu (CVE 102)
USS Bismark Sea (CVE 95) Lost on 21 Feb 1945
USS Bougainville (CVE 100)
USS Cape Esperance (CVE 88)
USS Casablanca (CVE 55)
USS Coral Sea (i) (CVE 57)
USS Corregidor (CVE 58)
USS Fanshaw Bay (CVE 70)
USS Gambier Bay (CVE 73) Lost on 25 Oct 1944
USS Guadalcanal (CVE 60)
USS Hoggatt Bay (CVE 75)
USS Hollandia (CVE 97)
USS Kadashan Bay (CVE 76)
USS Kalinin Bay (CVE 68)
USS Kasaan Bay (CVE 69)
USS Kitkun Bay (CVE 71)
USS Kwajalein (CVE 98)
USS Liscome Bay (CVE 56) Lost on 24 Nov 1943
USS Lunga Point (CVE 94)
USS Makassar Strait (CVE 91)
USS Makin Island (CVE 93)
USS Manila Bay (CVE 61)
USS Mantanikau (CVE 101)
USS Marcus Island (CVE 77)
USS Midway (i) / St. Lo (CVE 63) Lost on 25 Oct 1944
USS Mission Bay (CVE 59)
USS Munda (CVE 104)
USS Natoma Bay (CVE 62)
USS Nehenta Bay (CVE 74)
USS Ommaney Bay (CVE 79) Lost on 4 Jan 1945
USS Petrof Bay (CVE 80)
USS Roi (CVE 103)
USS Rudyerd Bay (CVE 81)
USS Saginaw Bay (CVE 82)
USS Salamaua (CVE 96)
USS Sargent Bay (CVE 83)
USS Savo Island (CVE 78)
USS Shamrock Bay (CVE 84)
USS Shipley Bay (CVE 85)
USS Sitkoh Bay (CVE 86)
USS Solomons (CVE 67)
USS Steamer Bay (CVE 87)
USS Takanis Bay (CVE 89)
USS Thetis Bay (CVE 90)
USS Tripoli (CVE 64)
USS Tulagi (CVE 72)
USS Wake Island (CVE 65)
USS White Plains (CVE 66)
USS Windham Bay (CVE 92)

49 Escort carriers (50 names) of the Casablanca class. 5 of them were lost.

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