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Pensacola class

2 ships

The heavy cruiser USS Salt Lake City (CA 25) of the US Navy.

Technical information

TypeHeavy Cruiser
Displacement9.100 BRT 
Length586 feet 
Complement635 men 
Armament10 x 8"/55 guns (2x3,2x2).
4 x 5"/25, (4x1).
6 x 21" torpedo tubes (2x3).
4 Aircraft, 2 catapults.  
Max speed32.5 knots knots
EnginesGeared Turbines, 4 shafts 
Power107.000 shp 
Notes on classArmour: 4" Belt, 2 1/2 Turrets, 1" Deck, 1 1/4 Conning Tower. 

US Navy US Navy ships of the Pensacola class

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USS Salt Lake City (CA 25)
USS Pensacola (CA 24)

2 Heavy Cruisers of the Pensacola class.

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