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MS Trawlers

Basset class

18 ships

Technical information

TypeMS Trawler
Displacement545 BRT 
Armament1 3" AA gun 
Max speed12 knots
Notes on classMinesweeping trawlers built to a British design in India. 

Royal Indian Navy Royal Indian Navy ships of the Basset class

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HMIS Agra (T 254)
HMIS Ahmedabad (T 264)
HMIS Allahabad (T 317)
HMIS Ambala (T 320)
HMIS Amritsar (T 261)
HMIS Bannu (T 331)
HMIS Bareilly (T 319)
HMIS Barisal (T 12)
HMIS Baroda (T 249)
HMIS Benares (T 318)
HMIS Berar (T 256)
HMIS Calcutta (T 339)
HMIS Cawnpore (T 340)
HMIS Chittagong (T 265)
HMIS Cochin (i) (T 266)
HMIS Cochin (ii) (T 315)
HMIS Cuttack (T 251)
HMIS Dacca (T 252)
HMIS Dinapore (T 326)
HMIS Gaya (T 325)
HMIS Jubbalpore (T 323)
HMIS Karachi (T 262)
HMIS Kiamari (T 330)
HMIS Kolaba (T 322)
HMIS Lahore (T 253)
HMIS Lucknow (T 267)
HMIS Madura (T 268)
HMIS Monghyr (T 327)
HMIS Nasik (T 258)
HMIS Pachmarhi (T 324)
HMIS Patna (T 255)
HMIS Peshawar (T 263)
HMIS Poona (T 260)
HMIS Puri (T 238)
HMIS Quetta (T 323)
HMIS Rampur (T 12)
HMIS Shillong (T 250)
HMIS Sholapur (T 329)
HMIS Sialkot (T 321)
HMIS Sylhet (T 270)
HMIS Travancore (T 312)
HMIS Trichinoply (T 314)
HMIS Vizagapatnam (T 313)

18 MS Trawlers of the Basset class.

Strikeout means that ship was cancelled (not finished) - not counted in class figures.

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