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Net tenders

Aloe class

30 ships

Technical information

TypeNet tender
Displacement560 BRT 
Length163 feet 
Complement48 men 
Armament1 3" AA gun
3 20mm AA 
Max speed12.5 knots
EnginesDiesel, 1 shaft 
Notes on class 

US Navy US Navy ships of the Aloe class

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USS Aloe (AN 6)
USS Ash (AN 7)
USS Boxwood (AN 8)
USS Buckeye (AN 13)
USS Buckthorn (AN 14)
USS Butternut (AN 9)
USS Catalpa (AN 10)
USS Chestnut (AN 11)
USS Chinquapin (AN 17)
USS Cinchona (AN 12)
USS Ebony (AN 15)
USS Elder (AN 20)
USS Eucalyptus (AN 16)
USS Gum Tree (AN 18)
USS Hackberry (AN 25)
USS Hazel (AN 29)
USS Holly (AN 19)
USS Larch (AN 21)
USS Locust (AN 22)
USS Mahogany (AN 23)
USS Mango (AN 24)
USS Mimosa (AN 26)
USS Mulberry (AN 27)
USS Nutmeg (AN 33)
USS Palm (AN 28)
USS Pepperwood (AN 36)
USS Redwood (AN 30)
USS Rosewood (AN 31)
USS Sandalwood (AN 32)
USS Teaberry (AN 34)
USS Teak (AN 35)
USS Yew (AN 37)

30 Net tenders (32 names) of the Aloe class.

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